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Breakthrough Congratulations to Revolver (Lex Luthor) for placing top 3 at the most stacked local since EVO

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Big props go out to Revolver for overcoming the odds with an "absolute sh***er" and placing top 3 at a stacked local/regional. Even though he failed in his duty to save us all from Martian he still commands respect and has joined the ranks of PPJ, BD Mao, Wonder Chef and NYC Fab as one of the top Lex Luthors in the country. Give your props in this thread please.


It is great to see hard work pay off. Inspiration for everyone that is struggling to level up, working on tournament nerves or plays an unconventional character.
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Was rooting for Revolver in top 8, 3rd is no easy feat especially with the competition present, good stuff!


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To be fair Jupiter did beat me this time. But the record's still 2-1 so he can hold that until he can do it again :)

Also, to sort of explain this, the reason why what Carl's saying doesn't work is this -

Lex can punish pillars from a good distance with corp charge. However, I'll usually trait dash instead of corp charge+trait in a lot of situations because you're getting better guessing games by keeping him standing. And when CC is done mid-near max range you lose a lot of the advantage that you would normally get to safely trait or do something else.

Vacuuming zoning makes no sense as a standard tactic. It's a full punish even from a distance if you're trading with orbs and you're even slightly off. It's extremely risky because you're also running the risk of mistaking him doing a mb3 for another motion, which he can dash cancel up and punish you for too.

But with the third thing I literally do that all the time. It's a big point in the guide I made, he should read it then I guess
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