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{Completed] ELEAGUE Mortal Kombat 11 Showdown


some heroes are born, some made, some wondrous
Sorry... it isn't cool, or clever what Reo did... it is just morally bankrupt. If I was running that event I wouldn't pay him out at all. He and his mates should be ashamed.
I just watched the archive. @REO is a genius. Don’t know why everyone is getting mad over it)
I have a question: was there a rule that wouldn’t allow honeybee decline top players and not waste his time? Or was there a rule that wouldn’t allow you to quit the match you’ve just lost so you don’t waste time watching your opponent t-bag and fatality you?)


You all bash Reo, but to be honest only Dragon, Honeybee and Scar were playing on their real accounts. I don't count `non-pro` because fot them it wasn't really a difference. Mustard, BigD, KillerXinok - they all played on smurfs. REO just went level beyond.

He made an account with additional loses to boost hist matchmaking advantage.
He also really prepared for the event. I saw him trying to speedrunning matches with different chars for whole day before event. He really took his time to develop strategies and variations that allow him to beat oponnents as quick as it was possible. I watched how Mustard played at the same time as REO and Mustard was really good at this as well. The main advantage that REO had over Mustard was probably the region. It seemed like REO is matching with next oponnents quicker than Mustard.