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  1. RampaginDragon

    RampaginDragon Loses to uppercuts

    Its actually a GOOD thing that it moves that slow, or else people would be able to jump over the bomb and the net at once, usually, they get hit by one or the other, and the cooldown dosnt mean anything because you have to throw a bomb or two out befor you launch another net. Cyrax=broken.
  2. Metzos

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    Ermac is my main and now i have started learning Freddy and Kenshi. They are ridiculus i believe when played correctly, especially Kenshi.
  3. NKZero

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    Well I'm guessing you are stand blocking that string. Cyber Sub should be able to crouch block and allow the 1 in the 312 to whiff. That gives you enough time to either parry/EX parry or to poke and gain advantage. Once that string is solved, Ermac really doesn't have any offense to build off. The only way Ermac is winning this fight is by being patient and using air blasts to try and beat out the dive kick. A good Ermac player that controls the air should have advantage. But Cyber Sub can be a real pain in the ass for Ermac up close so it should be you who is causing the problems. Just remember to crouch block the 312. Be wary that an Ermac that knows you poke out of 312 may take a big risk and do 3-TKS but it's too risky on their part.
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  4. RampaginDragon

    RampaginDragon Loses to uppercuts

    Ya, I JUST learned about this today. I had no idea you could do that, duck the 1 in 321. Thanks for more info.
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  5. CamRac

    CamRac How do I block?

    Just saw/thought about this, but are Raiden and Ermac what you'd considered underused, these days? Oh, and after EVO, do you guys think Kenshi will remain so underused? I feel like he might just blow up.
  6. STB Sgt Reed

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    Kenshi won't, no.

    Raiden is so underrated it's ridiculous. I wouldn't say he that underused though. As for Ermac he's probably both underrated and underused. People I think gave up on him a while back b/c of his bad rushdown.
  7. Alice

    Alice Haaave you met Sektor?

    -Do you know what they call a Cyrax who does that minefield and net fishing for resets or bnbs?
    -Scrap metal
  8. CamRac

    CamRac How do I block?

    That's crazy to me, considering how strong his game feels and looks. I've said it before in this thread I think, but Kenshi is like Dhalsim from Street Fighter II. He has the ability to zone and pressure, making him a pretty formidable threat to a lot of the cast. There's a reason Sim is top tier in that game.

    Thanks for the thoughts on the other chars, as well. Ermac/Raiden/Kenshi is what I'm rolling with now, since I don't really consider Ermac an actual "zoner" -- he's just a ranged grappler with zoning options. :p

    Anyhow, unless I take on Stryker or NW seriously anytime soon, that's pretty much the decided team. This thread was awesome -- thanks guys! :D

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