CHOMP CHOMP HISS! - The Reptile Matchup Thread

Discussion in 'Reptile' started by THTB, May 5, 2011.

  1. Keoki 808

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    KEOKI 808
    not sure if someone said this already but you can in fact, slide under a spear from scorpion.
  2. Theme

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    This is the same for most of the projectiles, unlike Sub Zero's slide.
  3. xxteefxx

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    This is also getting pumped cause some useful info is in here...AND GODDAMIT MODS!! clean this fuckin area :S

    wuts wrong with the mods in here? start being active.....really if i was only a mod! it's been MONTHS and we crying about such an do something!
  4. xxteefxx

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    Also if anyone can find the Video Thread then please pump/boss it!

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