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Cassie Cage isn't Sexy Enough for games 'journalist' OAG


I don’t really like any of her skins except her base skin and space suits . She’s decent Charcter in the story . I liked her more here than MK 10


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Well, at least we're getting the MK 2 skins for Jade, Skarlet and Kitana. To be honest, I'm kind of surprised they gave us that much with their new "mature" case.
How the f game Journous just keeps on wasting words about EVERYTHING. All this argument is boooooring af and useless. Like all the Cyberpunk 2077 drama about that commercial and cultural references. IT'S VIDEOGAMES MAI DUDES.


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I was just passing by and I've decided to leave some relevant, objective and unbiased opinion. :DOGE

Cassie's base design in this game is fu**ng great (ok, I hate her space suit outfit, but shit happens). In addition, personality wise she is the best fleshed out character along with Kano (Cheeky millenial's black humour vs old bastard punk's sadistic humour, yeah!!).

I'll fight against whoever thinks otherwise.
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For some MK fans, if the females aren't dressed as sluts, the game fails.

Which is MK's own fault for making the female characters look like sluts in almost all the previous MK games.

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I like tiddies as much as the next guy but too much tiddy makes the reveal of the tiddies not a 'nice tiddy' moment and more of a 'really, another tiddy' moment so there needs to be a tiddy famine and I know this because of my very scientific analysis of tiddies and thick thighs (PhD btw) I can confidently quote another expert in tiddiy analysis know as Dr. T.Diddy (PhD) with 'its not about the tiddies but to whom the tiddy belongth to, Amen.'

Also I love mass effect so I love cassie future soldier look.