Caboose gives his Story Mode Chapter 1 Breakdown and Hands-On Impressions! **SPOILERS**

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Circus, Mar 12, 2019.

By Circus on Mar 12, 2019 at 3:55 PM
  1. Circus

    Circus Part-Time Kano Hostage

    Caboose was one of the lucky few who got his hands on MK11 and he just recently put out a video describing his experience with the new Story Mode!

    The video doesn't show any footage of Chapter 1, but he does go into detail about what happens.


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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Circus, Mar 12, 2019.

    1. Cassie Cyrus
      Cassie Cyrus
      They are just bad writers, I mean in a world were Sonya can beat both 10.000 years old assassins Jade and Kitana together, and Stryker defeats Ermac (turning him into a joke) and Sub-Zero takes down two freaking Shokan at the same time, not to begin about wannabe Lui Kang, Kung Lao taking down the deadly alliance with ease. (oh and then there is this extremely laughable thing of Cassie beating down a God on her own, and her WOUNDED friends hold down Liu Kang, Kitana, Sindel, Kung Lao and others... Nuff said.

      NRS are horrid writers, and seeing how Cassies first fight is her own mother, and the fourth fight is Liu Kang, they haven't learned anything from this. Green magical energy my ass, I hate it as characters don't need to suffer anything before winning something, like it is a given they beat everyone... blergh.
    2. LaidbackOne
      Omg, chill the fuck out u nerds, its just a videogame about people shooting fireballs xDDD
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    3. Cassie Cyrus
      Cassie Cyrus
      I guess you are the type of guy who also enjoys American rampage/disaster/end-of-the-world movies with the Rock as main hero. Good for you!
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    4. xXRagingFlameXx
      This. idk why they put NRS on such a fucking pedestal when it comes to shit being top quality writing. Their writing isn't even bad.

      They seem to forget that this is a fucking video game. They're not promising The Last of Us style writing or story. They're giving us fun, cheesy, fighting game story. With awesome graphics and fun unrealistic characters who do unrealistic things.

      I kinda feel bad for some of these people though because the fact that they're THIS obsessed. I get being a huge fan, and don't get me wrong I'm obsessed with the lore and the games since I was a kid. But, I never go "Ermac got beat so he's obsolete and a joke fuck Stryker." No, I mean, Ermac's always been a jobber just like Reptile so idk why we get surprised by that.

      God forbid the first MK11 fight be Cassie sparring with her mother. ooooooh how terrible. Some people can never be pleased and it's sad. They'll never be happy so there's no point in arguing with them.

      They hate these characters, but when NRS try to develop them further, they ignore it or immediately hate it for no real reason. They hate "Family drama" but I guarantee if it was Liu Kang, Kitana, and their child arguing over the exact same stuff it'd be okie dokie.

      I mean, they're clearly a troll. I mean, they hate Cassie so much they even have her name in theirs....ignore them until they go away.
    5. Cassie Cyrus
      Cassie Cyrus
      Omg, chill the fuck out u nerds, its just a videogame about people shooting fireballs xDDD

      BTW: I would also hate Kitana and Liu Kang with their little kid, so nice try! :-D

      No woman giffs this time? Bummer...

      Also nice to see your a SJW, they also use the name THEY for just a single person. Lol
    6. BlackShade
      it seems they are continuing the trend of OP protagonists and weak antagonists. Cassie beating Liu Kang shouldn't happen. Atleast she is in chapter 1, so we don't have to worry about her beating Shao kahn and Kronika simultaneously :)
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    7. Cassie Cyrus
      Cassie Cyrus
      Some characters have two chapters I think. I wouldn't be shocked if Cassie returns for the final battle...
    8. xXRagingFlameXx
      xXRagingFlameXx're a child? Dang If I'd known you're were 8 I wouldn't have given you the time of day. 3rd times a charm I guess! (literally the 3rd time you've said that somewhere. This is funny)


      Omg this is literally the saddest thing you've said lmao. I guess we should erase the word 'they' in the dictionary now and never say it ever. Because if you say're an SJW. BAH GAWD WE CRACKED THE CASE!!!
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    9. Cassie Cyrus
      Cassie Cyrus
      Children of 8 post those woman-giffs as well. Nuff said.

      I'm not a they, so shove that SJW-talk where the sun never shines.
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    10. xXRagingFlameXx
      Oooh kinky. Will you do it for me?

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    11. Jordy
      PLEASE! we want a Mk12 where the WHOLE earthrealm will be DESTROYED forever and they will never come back!!!! Bye Bye sonya, cage, jax and stryker and all the clones daughters and sons!!
    12. LaidbackOne
      A pretty shitty assumption but I wouldn't expect much more from such a constantly bitching waste of air like yourself. Its a fighting game based on cheesy kung-fu flicks, it doesn't require stellar writing or storytelling.
      Now, since you didn't listen last time,
    13. Cassie Cyrus
      Cassie Cyrus
      Of course, darling, ignore. Cleaning up through this garbage, only the people that don't attack you for a personal opinion (and which only read my negative opinions about the game) will stay behind, what a nice little forum that will be.

      Also, I'm gonna have fun with that little thing you posted earlier, as there are so many hypocrites here it hurts my soul, and I don't even have one of those.
    14. DragonofDadashov24
      It wasn’t MK tournament. It was shitty writting. He’d make both sorcereses his own bitch
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    15. Blizer
    16. Vslayer
      I agree, multiple fights from apart of the gang to weaken her would be great. Imagine if Shao Khan is the one that becomes the hero? That would be so cool. But if Kitana is supposed to be the Khan this time around, I have a feeling the final blow, whatever character you fight Kronika with, may come from her and Lui Kang.
    17. Ptehu
      Well, not entirely that but... they should really give up the Eearhrealm route or limit it a lot and focus on other realms more. Imagine what kind of cool character concepts and plot potential we can have from there... Hell, even Dairou and Darrius can be redeemed if done correctly.
    18. Blizer
      Honestly, I feel like they are setting up Kitana to play a big role, if not in this game, then the next one tbh.

      If she is the Kahn of Outworld in the past/au and empress of the Netherealm in the current timeline, shes gotta lot of shit on her plate

      no way she aint playable in the story (Hell, i wouldn't be surprised if we get two chapters from her tbh.)
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    19. Vslayer

      it's a game

      and fictional characters

    20. ShepherdOfFire
      If I recall correctly Cassie was able to beat Shinnok because, like it happened to Johnny, the fear of losing a loved one gave her a temporary buff, right ? And the power she inherited from Johnny comes coming from gods. Would it make a bit of sense if a power coming from gods would give the ability of defeating one ?
      I agree that Cassie might be a little too overpowered, she didn't fail enough to earn that power. She only get beaten once by Sub-Zero at the beginning of the game. But, in a way, the green "buff" was set up since the beginning of the game, and we know that the power she has is really strong. So it works, it's poor writing, but it works...
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    21. EdenianWarrior
      Certain characters being able to beat Liu Kang is okay with me, especially under WELL WRITTEN circumstances. Green energy is nothing of that nature lmao.
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    22. DragonofDadashov24
      There wasn’t a character that beat Liu Kang 1 on 1. Not even Raiden. That was bullshit.
      Current Liu Kang is an idiot though.
    23. xXRagingFlameXx
      Y'all didn't have a problem with Jax beating Liu Kang in MKX but please do continue to go off on Cassie.
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    24. EdenianWarrior
      Well I have a problem with both. I got problems with Cassie and Jax defeating Sindel in such a regula shmegula way too
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    25. DragonofDadashov24
      Yes I had. Look up complain thread, I’ve covered all MKX dumbest moments including this. Btw Johnny Cage should have died in MK9 after loosing to Ermac. Got saved by a plot armor.
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