Caboose gives his Story Mode Chapter 1 Breakdown and Hands-On Impressions! **SPOILERS**

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Circus, Mar 12, 2019.

By Circus on Mar 12, 2019 at 3:55 PM
  1. Circus

    Circus Part-Time Kano Hostage

    Caboose was one of the lucky few who got his hands on MK11 and he just recently put out a video describing his experience with the new Story Mode!

    The video doesn't show any footage of Chapter 1, but he does go into detail about what happens.


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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Circus, Mar 12, 2019.

    1. Spinky
      Can we SEEEEEEEEEEE the chapter doe?
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    2. Jhonnykiller45
      Yeah I'm aware of that, thought of adding it to the previous post but let's not get into the technicalities of this given how that was the sole exception.

      That could very much so happen, but I would not count on it at all. Having more characters have their chapters feels like a bigger deal in MK than in Injustice I think. I suspect the old/new versions of the characters are gonna be handled like, during Johnny's chapter you play 2 fights as young Johnny then 2 fights as old Johnny. And that's for the characters that are gonna have both of their versions playable to begin with, because I also think a lot of them won't be as well. For example: klassic Scorpion's probably just gonna job the whole time while the Scorpion chapter is played as Hanzo Hasashi entirely.
    3. Qaesen
      Could the mention of Jax being "unstable/not all the way there" play into the leak that says he sides with Kronika? Not saying I 100% believe it, but it also predicted the Jade and Kotal Kahn teamup before the story trailer. Who knows, it may be right in the longrun
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    4. SINGH E
      SINGH E
      I hope it is not Cassie friggin Cage who's the last chapter, it is bad enough she beats Revenant Liu Kang who was the former main Protagonist of the series and MK Champion. I'm hoping it's either Younger Liu Kang returning to his rightful spot as the main protagonist and is not portrayed as a crybaby like he was in MK9 or it will be Raiden.

      I want the Shaolin to be the main hero faction again and not SF like in MKX. I'm an old skool MK fan so I am quite a traditionalist when it comes to shit like this lol! Since this game is about time travel and "Putting things right" according to Kronika, it's the perfect game to bring the Shaolin to the forefront of the franchise again.
    5. Pizza
      I don't know about you, but I think it would be interesting if they bring back zombie Liu Kang from MK Deception
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    6. Qaesen
      Well I don't know why it's so far-fetched to believe someone could beat Revenant Liu Kang. It's not crazy to think Cassie could beat Liu Kang as she's been established as a pretty skillful fighter. Saying Cassie couldn't or shouldn't be able to beat Liu Kang just because he's the former MK Champion and former protagonist, is like saying no newcomer could beat Michael Jordan in basketball because he's one of the original best
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    7. SINGH E
      SINGH E
      Hmmmm interesting. It would also be fun to have a cinematic sequence where there is a triple threat fight (Younger Liu Kang vs Zombie Liu Kang vs Revenant Liu Kang)
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    8. SINGH E
      SINGH E
      I don't think it is far fetched for her to beat him as she has beaten Corrupted Shinnok, I just don't really like her as a character though she is much better in this game than in MKX. I would prefer Liu Kang to once again be the main protagonist even if it's just for this game. He hasn't had that role since MK4. I'm not counting MK9 as it was really Raiden's game. It makes sense since they are bringing his past self back and he will fight his Revenant counterpart who is working for Kronika judging from what we've seen so far.

      The only other character who makes sense that I can see having the final chapter is Raiden since he is the one who has foiled Kronika's plans.

      Back to my original point and the topic of the thread, it doesn't make sense for Cassie to have the final chapter in this game's story. If they did it's shoehorning her into the role of this particular story as the main hero when it makes more sense for it to be Raiden or Liu Kang.
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    9. Jordy
      It’s a shame they choose the roster based on story mode and not the other way ‘round. It sucks 50% of the roster is special forces!! This is essentially special forces (guns, military stuff etc...) vs. shao kahn. I’m deluded this game is slowly loosing it’s ‘fantasy/magic’ aspect. Where’s Edenia, Outworld, all of these stuff. I wanted to have Rain and Kitana son for example, or Fujin and Ashrah daugter, why always those freaking human soecial forces which are all the same type of character based on guns and pistols. The story mode is based on a shooting game style game. They should have focused for example Edenia vs. Netherrealm or Outworld vs Neth.
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    10. Scyther
      Final Chapter: Jacqui Briggs

    11. xXRagingFlameXx
      Oh God you guys, look out! 5 Characters out of a roster of 26 suddenly means 50%!!

      Baraka, Geras, Kollector, Kotal Kahn, Noob Saibot, Shao Kahn, Raiden, Cetrion, D'Vorah, Jade, Kitana, and Skarlet say hello.

      Ummmmm wtf??? Liu Kang says hello lmfao. Rain? You mean the fuckboy who hit on Kitana like forever ago and was just gonna use her to get to the throne? Yeah they should totes get together and have a baby. Definitely not the person she's actually in a relationship with or anything.

      Excuse me what. What kinda random ass ship is this. Have the two of them ever even interacted in the lore before?

      You sure do know a whole lot of the story based off of the 3 minute trailer we saw and the description of the very first chapter.....which seems to take place mostly in the Netherrealm.

      Y'all just pulling arguments outta thin air now lmao.
    12. Irishcyke
      I read it but don't feel like anything was really spoiled for me. We all pretty much knew adult Sonya would die during the attack on liu kang. That sounds like a lot of story content for one chapter. Wonder how many chapters we are getting total.
    13. Irishcyke
      Imagine being like this.
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    14. Irishcyke
      Do you have a link for this? Haven't read this one.
    15. Rice
      Oh shit it looks like the leak looks more and more like to turn out to be true.
    16. Lord Greyjoy
      Lord Greyjoy
      The Jax tibdbit doesn't make sense, unless his revenant PTSD came back with a vengeance.

      In one of the MKX kombat kasts they showed Chapter 1, so I assume we'll have a repeat with MK11 and these youtubers just got early access to it.
    17. Dankster Morgan
      Dankster Morgan
      Sounds pretty cool, I wish it started with Johnny so far. You started with him in 9 and X, and both Injustice games open with Batman, I kinda thought that would be a tradition.
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    18. pure.Wasted
      So? We also see Scorpion and Kung Lao fighting their Revenant counterparts who are working for Kronika, does that mean Scorpion and Kung Lao also make as much sense as Liu Kang to have chapter 12?

      I don't want Cassie to have chapter 12, but to call it "shoehorning" is a huge stretch. She just defeated the biggest threat to Earthrealm pretty much single-handed. Yes it was dumb, but it happened. For all we know NRS wants her to be Liu Kang 2.0 and win 5 games in a row before giving up the mantle to someone else.
    19. pure.Wasted
      I mean, it is his daughter. I think that's still maintaining the tradition. ;)

      And think about it this way, that just means Johnny's chapter comes later so shit's gonna have time to get realer by then. Good time to be a JC fan.
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    20. RoninLoganX
      With the idea of Multiple Endings in mind, my hope is that they implement the ability to choose who you'll use in the final boss fight. For example, I would like to see what might happen if you were to choose Cassie or Old School Liu Kang, how it might effect the ending. And, not just those 2, perhaps one or two more.

      Or, here's a crazy little idea, what if you had to play through the arcade ladder with any given character to get the ending of Story Mode? I know this is almost certainly not going to happen, but it's still a cool idea to fantasize about.
    21. SINGH E
      SINGH E
      This is exactly why I want the Shaolin monks to be the main protagonists again, at least for this game anyways. The SF had their game in MKX, let's bring it back to the Shaolin and the fantasy/mystical elements that made MK1-3 and even the 3D era great from a lore perspective. Not everyone may agree with me but it was great when there was more of that as opposed to just the special forces being the only ones capable of taking the bad guys down. In the past games, they were the supporting cast.
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    22. SINGH E
      SINGH E

      I acknowledged in my last post that Cassie took down Corrupted Shinnok. By "Shoehorning" I meant that it makes more sense for someone like Raiden to be the main protagonist as Kronika mentions he is the one foiling her plans. Ok with whole Liu Kang thing your right, if Liu Kang is fighting his Revenant self doesn't necessarily mean that he is chapter 12 as Kung Lao and Scorpion are also in the same scenario. But to have Cassie take down Kronika when Raiden is the one Kronika has a major problem with, doesn't make much sense.

      In MKX it made sense for Cassie to fight Corrupted Shinnok because her Father Johnny Cage defeated him in the same place 25 years earlier using the same abilities and a similar scenario (saving Earthrealm and preventing the death of a loved one) as they had it set it up from the beginning of the story mode.

      In MK11 from what we know so far and with this new info on Chapter 1 there is no build up for Cassie to beat Kronika in Chapter 12 directly. Hence why I used the term "Shoehorning".

      Hope this helps clarify what I meant.
    23. mikeraskol
      Cassie took Shinnok down LITERALLY with mystical Mediterranean cult green glowing nonsense. She uses that in a significant portion of her abilities - hell, in this game she's even charging her gunshots with that. So I guess I have one question when you say let's get back to fantasy/mystical elements. What are you talking about? (Note that I'm only focusing on that and not the other 500 million characters on the roster that do mystical and fantasy stuff).

      This is just some lame ass justification for saying you want the focus on somebody else because you don't like Cassie. You can go ahead and say that, you don't have to make posts that don't make sense.
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    24. Cassie Cyrus
      Cassie Cyrus
      I really don't want Cassie Cage to have the final chapter, PLEASE NO, don't make this selfish mobile, selfie generation into a freaking hero, as they are not. It was one of the worst parts of MKX for me, especially Jacqui and Takeda holding back like all the revenants while wounded, a child could write better stuff...

      Liu Kang, Raiden, and maybe even evil guys must work together to bring Kronika down, please Kittelsen, don't let me down.

      Also, chapter 1 sounds like a bore, celebration? Graduation? family drama? Jax becoming evil because he's traumatized?. (if those leaks are true) How cheap. No explanation why Takeda, Kenshi, and Kung Jin are not there?

      Hope it gets better around chapter 2. But I doubt it.
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    25. mikeraskol
      Yeah how dare they tell a story and develop the characters in story mode. You tell them Cassie Cyrus!!!

      Having seen Chapter 1 in action like you, I do hope it gets better at Chapter 2 but I also doubt it.

      Jesus christ.

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