Caboose gives his Story Mode Chapter 1 Breakdown and Hands-On Impressions! **SPOILERS**

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Circus, Mar 12, 2019.

By Circus on Mar 12, 2019 at 3:55 PM
  1. Circus

    Circus Part-Time Kano Hostage

    Caboose was one of the lucky few who got his hands on MK11 and he just recently put out a video describing his experience with the new Story Mode!

    The video doesn't show any footage of Chapter 1, but he does go into detail about what happens.


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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Circus, Mar 12, 2019.

    1. PapaRegadetho
      It is a video game. A fun videogame with some bad writing ^_^
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    2. PapaRegadetho
      But little children spend years sweating, bleeding to the absolute extreme! Little children dude!

      They dont specify the age when, I assume he was a baby. Would be dope if they develope more his backstory..
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    3. RoninLoganX
      A fun game with possibly intentional bad writing. Remember, the series began as a knock- off Enter the Dragon with inspiration drawn from multiple B-movie tropes.
    4. PapaRegadetho
      I dont think they intentionally write the new games so bad tho. Its like they write all these things as they go,without any background checking, kind of lame when you think about the huge budget they have. Back then it didnt matter as much, and it was a nice homage to the legendary 70-90s movies. Back then they didnt know any better.
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    5. Cassie Cyrus
      Cassie Cyrus
      Nice for you to pick a side. Ignore.

      Anyway, I'm surprised how many Americans don't actually care about what is in the story at all, that's why I see so many stupid plots in American movies these days, they simply don't care.

      I do care, mostly because the casuals think the bad guys are all boring jabbers, and they won't use them a lot, making them appear in less Mortal Kombat games, which means most of my favorites get skipped between games because they fail to give them good storylines or their own chapter.
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    6. TaserFace007
      Mortal Kombat is basically a Saturday morning cartoon with over the top violence. I don't think there's a need to delve too deeply into plot holes and lack of realism because the story mode is meant to be a some fun cut scenes which lead into a bunch of reasons for one on one fights.
    7. AIM_Dopeness

      The only reason why I’m ok with the hokey story stuff with Jax is because it would mean he’s not in the game. Which is a good thing because I want other characters to come back. But if we’re just discussing lore, it’s a stupid reason. They could have easily made up another reason why Jax wasn’t on the frontlines.
    8. Lord Greyjoy
      Lord Greyjoy
      I can't believe there are people who still refuse to accept the roster leak.
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    9. pure.Wasted
      You said that the problems started with the new timeline. Now you're saying that the bad writing for Liu Kang started as early as Deadly Alliance?

      Lol. All you have is MK1-3 as proof that Liu Kang is untouchable. Those games haven't been relevant in 25 years. Must feel bad that your opinions are just as irrelevant as those games today.
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    10. VSC_Supreme
      Lot of discussion on the story writing now for MK and I think its just the result of the ever-shifting gaming story telling medium. The older MKs always focused the story and ideas on smaller easier to work with bases, where each of the warriors were on their own journey. There was the intro setting up the premise and the characters had simple bios into endings.

      The real struggle comes with trying to fit all these characters together into one cohesive story when they all previously had their own little journey's going on. Even the 3D mortal kombat stories focused more on 1 character (Shujinko/Taven) and used the rest of the cast as a way to move their story forward.

      Now everything happening in the story in what is essentially a long movie is canon and results in these power level arguments. Baraka is able to kill Shang Tsung, Kintaro and Shao Kahn in his MK2 ending, but since that's not canon he's a jobber.
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    11. AIM_Dopeness
      I actually I 100% believe the roster leak. I went back and looked at it for I can figure out why you accused me of not believing it. Then I realized Jax is on the roster leak haha. Damn it....well I guess we better be ready for his story chapter.
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    12. pure.Wasted
      Great point. I think another part of the problem is that everything felt like it was equally important, because no matter what the character was up to, all they got for it was a paragraph bio blurb, same as anyone else.

      Like you could have "Liu Kang wins the tournament and saves the world" as Liu's bio, and "Mavado hunts down Jarek and kills him" as Mavados bio, and they both take up the same amount of story space in the game... but if you actually think about it, if that story were to be made into a movie, Mavado did fuck all except kill another insignificant nobody, while Liu Kang probably defeated 20 people and saved the day. So we know who the protagonist was and who the cameo was. But because the format didn't actually SHOW the story, it all felt equal, even though it obviously wasn't.

      Yup. Makes me wonder why they don't change ladder endings to be a canon representation of something else the character did during/parallel to the story mode.

      I should make a thread about that...
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    13. DragonofDadashov24
      They had plot problems in every game actually. John Vogel is the writer of their shitty script. New timeline Liu Kang is an arrogant asshole but the old timeline Liu Kang was killed off in the most stupid way just for the sake of the plot. Then that shitty Zombie Liu appeared.
    14. Blizer
      If there is one thing that we can agree on

      Is that Liu kang has been treated like shit since DA.
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    15. pure.Wasted
      I actually love Liu Kang in the new timeline. I think he's a lot more interesting as a bitter "it should have been me" ex-champ, than he was as a bland goody two-shoes.

      It takes a lot of skill to write a character like OG Liu Kang and make them interesting, and I'm not sure the MK writers have that skill, and even if they did, I'm not sure their story modes actually give them the space to tell those stories.
    16. VSC_Supreme
      I think I read an old interview somewhere that they killed him cause they felt his story was done and didn't know what else to do with him.

      I wasn't a fan of them killing Liu Kang and making him a Zombie, but I found humor that his Zombie backstory was basically just 'Rampage causing Zombie with a Vengeance.' They really didn't have anywhere else to take him.
    17. BlunderGod
      TBH, Scorpion and Sub-Zero never felt like they had much going for either of them either post MK4 until MK9. But that's one of the perks of being poster boys I guess.
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    18. mattteo
      The NRS writers got more dumb than in MKX.

      They literally now have SF military forces from Earth going to Hell and trying to bomb the Palace of the souls who reside there. THEY'RE SOULS! What are you trying to bomb?? Do they even care if they don't have that castle anymore??

      Netherrealm was supposed to be this place with different physical laws in the old timeline, many illusions and souls feeding on other souls who couldn't die and and just hang around in the background with half their bodies, screaming in agony. You didn't know what was real and what wasn't when Liu Kang and Kung Lao walked through it in Shaolin Monks or when Shujinko and Taven walked around there in Deception and Armageddon. It was terryfying!

      Transforming it into this place like a normal realm in which a bunch of GI Joes can get in and place plastic explosives is THE DUMBEST AND MOST STUPID IDEA EVER

      Why woudln't Earthrealm armies around the world unite and send in 1 million soldiers if they're under threat from literal Hell? Better yet, why not just send a nuke??

      Plastic explosives........God.
      What would they do to demons who dies in Hell anyway? Won't they just....go to Hell again??

      They should just bring back the good writers Vogel, Jon Greenberg and Alex Barrentine.

      Dom Cianciolo has been doing a lousy job in the new timeline by himself
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    19. Lord Snotty
      Lord Snotty
      I expect Geras will win the 'tournament' and have the final chapter. He's Kronika's creation. Him turning on her makes good dramatic sense.
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    20. Blizer
      So, Caboose and Uncaged played together, and Caboose released a video on it.

      There was a quote (I believe it was their last fight) that i found interesting

      Scorpion: Tarkata has been granted a second chance

      Baraka: We will not waste it

      Scorpion: Nor will the Shirai ryu

      Thoughts on it?
    21. xXRagingFlameXx
      Apparently, the Tarkatans are working under Kotal now. Maybe that?

      Another quote...

      Scorpion: You have given up on vengeance?

      Baraka: Kotal has made Tarkata whole.

      Scorpion: He's made vassals of your people.

      It seems like Baraka's left Shao Kahn's side according to this Skarlet intro:

      Skarlet: Your desertion is a gift.

      Baraka: How is that, Skarlet?

      Skarlet: I am now Shao Kahn's right hand.

      Very interesting stuff though.
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    22. DragonofDadashov24
      And stupid. Baraka got killed in MKX because he “honored Shao Kahn’s will”and served Mileena. Now he abandons him. Da faq?
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    23. Blizer
      Looks like Baraka is going to be either True Neutral, or Chaotic Good in this game

      Leaning to True Neutral, due to his bio, and how he is trying to preserve and save his clan.

      He may not be a jobber this game actually
    24. Blizer
      You know what

      5$ that they didnt want to add all the reveal characters cause of spoilers to the story

      Raiden and Geras probs have alot of story spoilers.

      Sub likely has his own plot with Frost and Noob

      Sonya, cause she dies apparently
    25. xXRagingFlameXx

      Girl this is probably the smartest thing Baraka could've done. Every damn time he tries to honor Shao Kahn he fuckin' gets his ass handed to him. THIS IS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. He's finally learning.

      If someone came to me and said "Hey, in the future you're gonna honor someone and end up dying." I'mma honor the other bitch. Tarkatans might end up being actual characters and not just punching bags.

      I wouldn't mind neutral. tbh. They need to do more with his character besides just being a grunt. A grunt who cares about his people and want them to thrive rather than die everyday? That I can get behind.

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