Question Mortal Kombat 9 Online on Xbox 360 is Dead? (xLive Online)

    Hi! I heard that PS3 servers were shut down but i thought 360 online was ok. Today i found my old X360 and decided to check if online still works. I had no luck and when i tried to join rooms it says Servers are Unavailable. If someone still plays MK9 on xLive please let me know, if you can...
  2. CO-KANO

    Why/How Kano Breaks Himself

    Title inspired by “why noobs breaks himself” - @AREZ God of War So my win/loss ratio is a 50/50. Kano has so many great and safe moves but its the damn button inputs that kill his game. The non-animated block stuns that make an intended kanoball turn into the unsafest move on block, a forward...
  3. mastermalone

    Xbox One: No online matches in over 3 days

    Has anyone else been able to get a match in ranked or causal on Xbox Live within the past 3 days? I've had ranked mode up for a while now and still not luck. Same with casual. Has the game died suddenly on Xbox or is there another issue at play? Last week I could get matched up in seconds...
  4. KIllaByte

    Eternal Geras Stream Highlights

    I recently played some Eternal Geras on my stream, and decided to make two highlight reels for those of you that might be interested in the character. Short: Long: You can catch my stream, live, at the following link: Feel free to follow me on...
  5. M

    Miss MK9 Online? Come fight me on MK9 PlayStation Now, I'm streaming all matches on twitch.

    Miss MK9 Online? Come fight me on MK9 PlayStation Now, I'm streaming all matches on twitch.
  6. REO

    MK11 - Why a Good Rank Mode is More Important Than You Think

    I feel like not many players are talking about Rank when it comes to MK11 but it's something that should be brought to light. We know we're getting match-making for MK11 but it would be amazing to see NRS take it further beyond and create one of the best rank modes in the fighting game...
  7. LawAbidingCitizen

    TYM should host a MK only tournament

    I was thinking that there isn't any NRS only tournaments out there that I know of and many competitive players often don't stream matches because other titles are in the lineup. It would be nice to have a Mortal Kombat Tournament for EarthRealm hosted by TYM. Having MK9, MKX and MK11 only. The...
  8. Cheesus

    MK11 Matchmaking discussion

    Hope you all are enjoying the last day of beta! Am I alone when it comes to thinking the matchmaking is terrible? I know there's a complaints/rants thread, but I'm not quite at that level yet. I skipped Injustice 2 and maybe there is no matchmaking in the MK11 beta. When I think of...
  9. CO-KANO

    Breakthrough - Kano Kanos Evolution and the last days of MKX Kano

    ATTN: ALL CUTTHROATS AND COMMANDOS Stand in formation, we are few but strong. we are savage; we have class, we're hard to manage we whoop ass. when we dash-they get mad...hahahah UNFUCKWITABLE KANO CUTTHROATS
  10. bcfighting

    Body Count Fighting: Online Tournament Series

    Starting May 17, Body Count Fighting is hosting an online tournament series in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, DRAGON BALL FighterZ, TEKKEN 7, and Injustice 2, awarding players their share of a $250 prize pool each week and points towards an online finals series at the end of the year. The...
  11. Suchiha117


    As usual we'd like to express our gratitude to the 11 warriors who joined the Born to Fight - Rain Cup #1 this Wednesday! Congratulations to TacoFGC, winner of the Born to Fight Rain Cup who made it against Daloul in a huge and hyped grand final. GGs to Daloul, the French Warrior who made it...
  12. RevonKnight

    Least played character online

    We all have fought countless Black Adam, Deadshot, Aquaman, Batman and Superman. But which are the characters that you least see online. I'll start by saying Brainiac is probably the least played.
  13. xxsledgrenxx

    Video/Tutorial - Relentless Relentless Jason - Sledgren Ranked Matches

    Having fun with Ex redscreen setups Any Relentless Mains ?
  14. UGL Preon


    United Gaming League Presents Mortal Kombat X (Alpha 1.1) @5pm EST on December 10th, 2016 Precursor: Shout outs to all of the TYM & MKX community at large for the 1st United Gaming League Event's Success! The Playlist of some of the archive matches can be found here! Congratulations to...
  15. UGL Preon

    [NOV. 19th] UGL Alpha #1 ⸨Mortal Kombat X⸩ PS4 Online Tournament /w Grand Prize

    United Gaming League Presents Mortal Kombat X (Alpha 1) @12pm EST on November 19th, 2016 RULES & REGULATIONS The Bracket Will be Capped at 32 Players USA Region The Tournament Will be Double Elimination || 3 out of 5 Games Will Call out to be Streamed Matches & On Deck Matches for 1st & 2nd...
  16. UGL Preon

    Discovery Spectral Ermac Desynchronizes All Games!

    I would love to test the new patch out against live opponents but this has been happening consistently. So is this new? Is this found already? What exactly are the parameters set behind this? 1.) Ermac - Spectral B12 xx levitate levitate xx teleport xx Any Normal B12 stagger in which b1...
  17. Misky

    SALTY Forcing a lag out so you don't take a loss on ranked

    Okay so I haven't seen anyone discussing this so I figured I'd make a thread to rant a little. It would be one thing if it was one guy doing this but it's not; I've seen at least 3 individuals I could name off hand purposefully causing a game to lag out just before they lose so they don't take...
  18. Clutch8

    Pro League Report

    Hey Everyone, Thank you for your support of the Mortal Kombat X Pro League. It was a dream come true to produce this show for three unforgettable seasons. Congratulations to @SonicFox5000, our three time champion. Thanks to all the players who participated and supported the league. Our...
  19. Boss Savage

    Question Should I be practicing Combos with "Offline input delay" Enabled or Disabled?

    I currently main Mystic Ermac and I've been practicing with Offline input delay enabled since the launch of MKXL with mild -/- moderate success. My issue is, at times, the delay is slightly more noticeable with combos that are more execution heavy and/or have stricter timing. This in turn is...