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Question BLOODY HOT! - The Skarlet Gameplay Discussion Thread


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So, what have you guys been finding with Skarlet as far as her gameplay goes?

She looks to be a really sneaky type of zoner. Her ground dagger can be cancelled fast enough to fling them off constantly like Sareena...and she can advance really quick while keeping you pinned with projectiles. A single dagger does no chip damage, but the second one does 1, and they do not combo together unless when done in a juggle. The blockstun on daggers aren't very long, though, so be careful.

What is mentioned is that the dash has a slide followup...what is not mentioned is that she can do either knife slash out of it by pressing f2 for the upslash and b2 for the downslash. Both moves come out faster when used in the dash. You can even do the EX versions of each move.

A couple of good strings she has...f43 is soooooooo safe. It moves her away from the opponent very far. b11f4 and 212 are solid combo starters and pokes. b11f4 is mid,mid,mid and can be cancelled into dash xx upslash for a juggle. It's a decent string on block, since you can choose to not do anything after the dash, or you can use overhead or slide to get a mixup going. You can even stick in EX downslash in the dash, which comes out faster than regular. 212 is a decent jab string and can be cancelled into dagger, which will juggle on hit.

A couple combos...

b11f4 xx dash xx upslash, 212 xx dagger cancel, uppercut - 34%
212 xx dagger cancel, 212 xx dagger cancel, uppercut - 33%
b2 xx downslash, b2 xx downslash, 212 xx dash slide - 39%


I don't think I've had this much fun playing around with and learning a character since pre-patch Cyrax (not trying to start an argument here, just sayin' :p ). The options she has off of her dash plus her dagger-cancel, frankly, scares the crap out of me; more so than the chip damage of her Blood Ball. I don't know if I want to be on the receiving end of those mixups...

And you're totally right, I was stunned when I first did f+4,3. It's one hell of a "get off me" string.


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Pardon me for being a noob but how do you cancel her daggers. I figured it was dash but that didn't do anything for me.

EDIT: Figured it out, you throw the first dagger and hold 1 so the second doesn't come out. As soon as you release the first dagger dash and do whatever your next input is. :eek:
Uh oh! I found something tasty :)

Although I haven't messed around much with ended more extended combos with it, 1,1,2 resets like kabal's knee. Ending combos in (the very fast) 1,1,2 string, cancelled into a run allows skarlet to maintain pressure into a high low mixup from, well, damn near anything. The only combo I had time to mess with this in is f2,1,2,1+2~run,f2~1,1,2~run then start a mixup again.

The damage is 29% with just that but from the speed of 1,1,2 I think you could get away with a more extended/damaging combo into 1,1,2 mixup.


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Excellent find!

I started experimenting with it...she has a plethora of juggles that can end in 112 xx dash.

f312 xx upslash, 212 xx dagger cancel, 112 xx dash
212 xx dagger cancel, 212 xx dagger cancel, 112 xx dash
downslash/b2 xx downslash, b2 xx downslash, 112 xx dash
b11f4 xx dash f2, 212 xx dagger cancel, 112 xx dash

Holy Jesus. This character is awesome!


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That 1,1,2~dash ender is damn good, indeed. Nice find.

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RIP Arez & Booya
Btw, lol, Pakostevens's combo either does not work fully anymore or is plain out hard to get the f3 in at the end.
I don't know if this is known info yet, but:

Red Slide (4 during Red Dash) cancels into Up Slash (combo) or Down Slash (doesn't combo).

The timing is tight, but you can do it consistently if you slide your finger to 2 from 4.

Also, you need to hit forward after the 4 but no later than the 2.

This allows Skarlet's high-low mix-up after 112 to be much more profitable. Instead of the low just knocking down, she can juggle off of the high or the low.


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Dang this char sounds tasty to play. She will be nerfed for sure but she'll always have insnane rushdown and fast offence by the looks of things.
Iv found a nice easy little combo that deals 28%. Not massive but meh. b+2, d b+2, f+2 1 2 xx 2+1.

Hope that makes sense , iv never writ down a combo b4 lol :D I also think f+2 1 2 xx 2+1 might be a good combo ender for

b+2 xx db2 (dash) 2 xx df2. I will have to test it though


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Pretty dumb if they nerf her, considering you would think they already knew all about her prior to releasing her.
Even if she gets nerfed she will still be pretty badass. From what I have seen so far she seems to have a little bit of everything. Her zoning even looks really good.
very nice combos guys. figured id throw out my most reasonable corner as of right now.

Corner: JP, B2,DB2,B2,DB2,B2, Enhanced DB2, uppercut. I believe it does 46, and for one third meter, I won't complain.
Pretty dumb if they nerf her, considering you would think they already knew all about her prior to releasing her.
Well it doesn't really matter how many testers you have and how much time you put in testing the game. You'll always have a few glitches that need patching.

Also when you give characters crazy tools and flexible strings and specials (e.g. Kabal spin cancel, Sonya's Military Stance), chances are they gonna have some hidden dirt and nasty tricks. I wouldn't even be surprised if tomorrow I saw a video of a reset glitch infinite for Scarlet or something like that.


if the first several hours of skarlet are any indication, then i think we're all going to be doing alot of combo science experiments with the rest of the characters. its crazy that those of us who were grinding this shit out this morning for the sake of combo SCIENCE have helped shape the potential of this character in the long term already. fuck yea for fighting games!


So wait. so players can just Block standing vs her and block almost all my attacks and launchers? the hell.. >_>
So wait. so players can just Block standing vs her and block almost all my attacks and launchers? the hell.. >_>
Anyone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure she has a low slide that can be canceled into various shit.

Just the low/throw mixup is already pretty damn good considering her zoning tools and her dash cancel. Giving her an overhead and low launcher would make her completely broken.