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Discussion in 'Batman' started by omooba, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Illmatix

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    I've been playing and I've got to say this.....
    Good job NRS.

    I'm able to play how I was before the patch and barely noticed it.

    Although I realize I can't get away with some cheese I feel like I've adapted so far.
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  2. AkioOf100

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    I think he's a really good character, I have appreciation for the patch notes. But I have a really big problem with up batarang. I haven't played against him after the patch, so this is pre-patch experience. I'm really good at blocking batman and all, but his up-batarang is considered to be a high, but when meter burned it becomes a +19, combo launching, anti-airing (that even hits behind/beneath it!) sphere of death that jails into f2 if you don't have a good enough backdash. And even if you do, you reset the neutral, which bats control SUPERBLY well. I think up batarang needs some changes, and I'm not saying to completely destroy it.

    I would only make up batarang MB cause block stun after a blockstring and to not affect grounded opponents if they haven't been affected by a block string or hit string. That way, it maintains its anti-airing properties and his frame advantage in pressure, but won't be a huge "why not" move in the neutral just to ignore the fact that Batman has really short-ranged normals.

    I think post-patch I won't be seeing as many MB up batarangs just because Batman will have to be a bit more meter intensive if he hasn't been in, dealing pressure (which builds a LOT of meter). But, I think it may need to be addressed in the future if this patch doesn't handle it.
  3. South

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    A lot of mkxvortex never got nerfed what does that say
  4. Illmatix

    Illmatix Remember, representing ermac is illmatic.

  5. Invincible Salads

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    except up batarang is fine, ya'll ready got the nerfs everyone was crying for, time to ask for nerfs in a different character forum :)
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  6. Stanlos

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    What is Sodium Cloride for a thousand, Alex!

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