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Discussion in 'Baraka' started by LOCO, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Eddy Wang

    Eddy Wang Skarlet scientist

    On my MU Chart is 4-6
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  2. Miss Kanzuki

    Miss Kanzuki *KANZUKI GOON SQUAD*
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    No problem and yea I think it's good to get the Skarlet players feedback too because I sometimes will look at Baraka's MU numbers and then his character opponents and the numbers don't match which makes me wonder if characters are being downplayed or not.
  3. EVB SomeCubanGuy

    EVB SomeCubanGuy *Hissssssssssss*
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    Well I play Gamer and Big D regularly, and both have solid Skarlets (prolly not on the same level as say Scar or someone, but still very good). I'd say it's 4-6 in her favor. You ALWAYS have to respect her wakeup when she has meter, and frame traps are risky when she has meter as well since she can blow through and full combo punish your ass. Her zoning isn't too troublesome, since her daggers do almost no damage. The pushback is what gets annoying, but just neutral crouch under em and you'll be fine. Her biggest strength imo is her ability to lock Baraka down with her EX Dagger block string pressure due to our large crouch hitbox. Basically you have to neutral crouch the dagger or else you have no choice but to eat another blockstring. Another trick you can do is allow the final hit of her F+2,1,2, 1+2 string to connect so it knocks you away and she has no followup to it. Don't over do it though because if the Skarlet player catches on they can just cancel into an Upslash instead of EX Dagger and full combo you.
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  4. STB Shujinkydink

    STB Shujinkydink Burning down in flames for kicks

    i play both, i believe its 6-4 skarlet. Barakas comeback potential is pretty ridiculous.

    Also, what are you guys using as an AA? ive been doing d1,4 charge. Any suggestions?
  5. EVB SomeCubanGuy

    EVB SomeCubanGuy *Hissssssssssss*
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    D1, 4 Charge is pretty good, especially as anti-crossup. The best damage comes from whiff punishing jump-ins with B3,1 combos. Baraka's backdash is amazing, and B3,1 moves his hitbox further back during the startup animation. You can also use D4 as both AA, or to make crossups whiff. 4 is also good, and you can combo into Spark. And of course Spin is your most reliable AA, and is especially good if you wanna keep a character away, like Cage or Sonya.
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  6. Zoidberg747

    Zoidberg747 They see me teleportin', they hatin'

    Bade spin. Easiest to do and is the most effective. Other good ones are back dash b31 for combo or F44 F4 for reset into pressure.
  7. 1man3letters

    1man3letters Alpha Tarkatan - Moderator
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    4~spark, spin and his stupidly good d2. standing 1 has a big AA hitbox also
    i wouldnt use f44 for anti air, it will burn you more often then not.
    b31 is more after a backdash to make opp whiff jip rather than plain AA as jump kick will beat it clean.

    also guys thanks for your input on the skarlet match, i see it as 6-4 also
    and bad form to the other skarlets (besides eddy) not bothering to reply to being tagged
  8. AssassiN

    AssassiN Premium Supporter
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    @any other skarlet doesn't get the rest of the Skarlets :p.

    Hmmm, tbh I dunno what to say about this MU. The only Baraka I've fought was yours and I wouldn't make any decisions based on those fights(online).
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  9. 1man3letters

    1man3letters Alpha Tarkatan - Moderator
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    lol fair point, i left barakas out of the on when was tagging barakas also but do get your point.
    to be honest i also wanted to see how well the skarlet kommunity did know the MU, when saw 3-7 in LOTFs chart, it reaked of theory fighting,even though it was said in OP a bit of theory was used in his chart

    ye i wouldnt make any decisions about anything based from online, was nice to run into ya randomly though.
    we should have some more lag kombat again soon for shits and giggles, njks instead of u4,ftw! lol
  10. AssassiN

    AssassiN Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Fighting a Baraka is as rare as fighting Skarlet.

    My most favorite of all, getting standing 3 instead of D3 or standing 4 instead of F4.
    Indeed should play again, cause some more online rage :p.
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  11. Zoidberg747

    Zoidberg747 They see me teleportin', they hatin'

  12. 1man3letters

    1man3letters Alpha Tarkatan - Moderator
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    somecubanguy did a write up for kenshi in that bad MU thread,check that out.

    imo make your reads and just go balls out aggression, your not going to out turtle kenshi nor out footsie him.
    do not let him away with any bs,punish were u can,if u can pick a small stage, use of ex blade charge is key.
    test the kenshis reflect skills, spark is a odd speed projectile.

    if things go tits up id would suggest going to your alt kang, but i hate that fucker so im not going to happy about even suggesting that
  13. Zoidberg747

    Zoidberg747 They see me teleportin', they hatin'

    Kang does as bad as Baraka so that wouldnt be helpful

    Alright will check it out, thanks
  14. Best I can say is assert your(slight) distance advantage with Charge. A max range one can't be punished by normal SC and you can whiff punish maxed range ones.
    I don't worry about his armor too much when I get him in resets since it doesn't so too much damage.
    A little calculated aggression in the corner can help, too.

    As for little tricks, if they like to do the B2>>SC trap, you can Spin or D3 them to beat it out.
    If they like to follow up blocked SCs with another, Charge them to beat it out until they respect it then try other things.
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