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    I know, Im merely pointing out that SomeCubanGuy agrees. There was no malice in that post :)
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    Vs. Kabal (3-7)

    General Strategy:

    Your number one goal in this matchup will be to push Kabal into the corner, and keep him there by any means.

    Why? - Kabal is the master of all trades in this game. He can kill you with superior zoning. He can kill with excellent spacing tools with Nomad Dash, F+4, F+3, etc. Or he can kill up close with his incredibly scary rushdown. Pitting him in the corner limits his options to two choices: jumping out, or spending meter to get out.

    How? - The most common way of achieving this is by properly spaced Blade Charges. Kabal has no way of punishing Blade Charges if done from mid to max-range. On top of that, Blade Charges beat out iAGBs (instant air Gas Blasts) if they aren't done at their lowest point. Try to refrain from using meter for EX Blade Charge unless you know the Kabal player is very close to the corner, especially if you are full screen. The reason is because there is a possibility of your EX Blade Charge whiffing.

    What do you do once Kabal is cornered? - Establish ground control with footsies, using D+3, D+4, F+44 and 4~Slices as your primary tools. If the Kabal player attempts a jump-in, punish with a Spin, or step back and B31. Your main goal is to get a reset in the corner and then maintain the pressure. Kabal's fastest normal, D+3 is 7 frames. Baraka's D+3 is 6. Use this to your advantage and pressure with D+3s after frame traps to keep him honest about poking you, and F+44s to keep him from jumping. As soon as Kabal has meter, he will attempt an EX Dash to escape, so always be wary of his meter. Also, NEVER do a cross up jump when you have Kabal cornered, I can't stress that enough. If you do you give him an opportunity to escape, or even worse, corner you.
    *Stray from using Spin at the end of block strings while Kabal is cornered as you will always get the unsafe version.

    Match Start:

    At the start of the round, most Kabal players will start zoning with iAGBs. The reason is because it is the safest way to start off a round, and covers a lot of possibilities. If you walk back, you have to block, if you jump forward/back/neutral, you get hit and lose 30%. The other less common possibility is the Kabal player will attempt to start pressure with D+3 or D+4, and go into NDC strings. The best way to counter either strategy is by walking or dashing back, and Blade Charge/EX Blade Charge as soon as you see the Kabal player hit a button. This covers about every scenario, even if the Kabal player jumps in, or walks back himself, Blade Charge is your best option. It'll give you the meter bonus, first knockdown, and will most likely encourage the Kabal player to start zoning, and backing himself into the corner.

    Mid-screen Footsies and Zoning:

    The very first rule against fighting Kabal is NEVER NEVER NEVER jump at him. Unless you know for a fact you can get him with a cross-up, jumping in is always a bad idea. Even with a cross-up, you need to make sure you do it when has has no meter because EX Dash will eat your cross-up attempt.

    Your biggest asset midscreen will be Blade Charge. It forces the Kabal player to have to commit to zoning, or jumping in and attempting to pressure. Punish any iAGBs and whiffed normals with Blade Charge. Once the Kabal player begins respecting BC and blocking, use D+4, or 21~Slices to get in, and begin your pressure.

    Once you begin your pressure, remember that you have advantage after everything that ends in neutral due to your 6-frame D+3, so use it as much as possible. If they attempt to cross-up to beat your D+3, Spin instead, njp or D+4.


    Kabal up-close can be a nightmare, especially for Baraka since he has a large hitbox. What this means is any of Kabal's NDC strings will hit even if you're crouch blocking. If you're fighting against any high level Kabal player, you need to familiarize yourself with what you can and can't escape since Kabal's block advantage differs depending on the string he NDC'd from. Here's a list of the advantage Kabal gets from his NDC pressure strings:

    1,1,1 - +8 (+13)
    1,1,B+4 - +1 (+6)
    2 - +9 (+14)
    2,1 - +1 (+6)
    3 - +3 (+8)
    D+4 - -2 (+3)
    B+1 - +1 (+6)
    B+1,2 - +2 (+7)
    F+3 - 0 (+5)
    F+3,2 - +2 (+7)
    F+4 - -5 (0)

    *the number in parentheses is the advantage if cancelled into EX Nomad Dash.

    What this means is any string that is +1 or less, Baraka can D+3 out of (unless Kabal is P1 side in which case he will win the trades) without fear of getting hit. Kabal's fastest normals to go into NDC are 9 frames (his 2 and F+4), so keep this in mind as well. Your best bet of getting out of this pressure is always EX Blade Charge, but if you don't have, or want to spend the meter, get yourself accustomed to what you can and cannot poke out of.

    Full-screen Zoning:

    Kabal's zoning is impeccable, so attempting to counter zone with Baraka is impossible. Blade Spark will almost never trade with iAGB because Kabal will land and be able to block in time while you eat a fireball to the face. Using Blade Charge to close distance isn't a good idea either because you'll either eat a Gas Blast while you recover, or a Ground Saw. Your best bet to get in is to dash crouch-block until you get into jumping range. At that point you have to attempt to read your opponent: if you think they'll iAGB, you Blade Charge (or close more distance and attempt an AA D+4). If you guess Ground Saw, you jump. It really depends on what your opponent is doing, and it's a major reason why it is such a difficult matchup. You have to begin your offense on a guess. Most if the time, the safer bet is to Blade Charge because the worst that could happen is you eat a Ground Saw.

    Meter-building and usage:

    Building meter in this matchup is very, very tough. Blade Spark isn't an option, and Blade Charge only does so much. So how do you build that all important yellowy goodness? The best way is once you get your pressure going, use inescapable frame traps that lead into Slices. For example, if you hit Kabal with a D+4, you can B+32~Slices to build nearly an entire bar, and your left in his face at neutral. His only way to escape would be to jump away, or use meter. Or if you've trained the Kabal to block after 221+2, you could tack on 4~Slices, to build an entire bar.

    Keys to the Matchup:

    *Always keep an eye on Kabal's meter. He can EX Dash through any of your frame traps, so always keep that in mind, and block (after a blocked 221+2 for example) every so often when they have a bar in an attempt to bait it out.
    *Maximize your damage with every opportunity you get when you get inside, and ALWAYS end with a reset.
    *Punish hard, and often. This means always punish a blocked dash with your B31 BnB into reset, as well as punishing every iAGB with Blade Charge if you're in range.
    *Learn to fuzzy guard his strings, as he can always end them in Saw or Hookswords (Low, then High). Both moves are negative on block. Anytime Kabal is at disadvantage, pressure with D+3 or D+4 into your pressure strings.
    *Never give up a jump-in. Self explanatory.
    *Familiarize yourself with any zoning patterns, and punish accordingly.
    *Be wary of overusing D+4 as Kabal's F+4 will stuff it.
    *Kabal has a medium hitbox, so don't use D+1~Slices as it'll whiff and can be punished.
    *B31 is punishable by full combo on block. Use it only as a punish.
    *Never use Blade Spark if Kabal has meter, as he can punish with EX Dash from full screen.

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    It makes me wonder who is worst for Baraka, Kabal or Kenshi? XD

    Kabal is Kabal *sighs*

    Kenshi I'm not sure since I've never seen anyone play this MU in lobbies, Baraka's Blade Charge is fast though but Kenshi is loaded with armor and he can keep Baraka out easily. Blade Spark projectile trades with Spirit Charge (if you are outside it's maximum range) and it hits if Kenshi doesn't Reflect in time. Jumping in when Kenshi has Rising Karma is a bad idea. His long D4 range is good if he can get in. How does Baraka play this MU especially when he has no meter but builds meter from the damage taken?
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    kenshi is nearly as bad for baraka as kabal, kabal is 3-7 so kenshi would be 3.5-6.5 if we were putting numbers on it.
    frametraping is out of the question when kenshi has meter
    he has all the tools to get baraka off him and keep him off him
    d4 isnt as much use as in other MUs because shoulder and RK will destroy it just like he destroys mileenas,also kenshis f3 has about the same range and is a combo starter
    charge when timed right can make his special attacks whiff but its a dangerous game to play
    basically you have to hope when u get in kenshi has no meter and that u jump his shoulders and exploit the dead zone on RK, when u use them ex charges,make them count, knock him into the corner,not away,its a very difficult matchup

    i know somecuban guy is working on a write up for kenshi like the kabal one a few points up so im nothing going into to much detail as to leave it to him
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    I do know you can jump over Rising Karma depending on the spacing. Spirit Charge you might be able to jump over it but you need get past the push range, if you are outside the maximum range of Spirit Charge which Kenshi will miss, Baraka can throw his projectile. It sounds definitely like Baraka should be sending Kenshi to the corner but he always has to step back because he needs to respect Kenshi's wake up attack game especially the ones involving armor. His F3 is not a problem if you are crouch blocking but good Kenshi players throw out B2 which is an overhead or a Sword Slash. Just my personal preference, if your character has armor, any character in general don't waste your 2 meters on Breaker, use your meters exclusively for armor getting in and armor vs armor trades (ie; Rain's Ex Roundhouse combo starter vs an armored Kenshi move). Kenshi thrives on building meter and burning meter, so what if you used Breaker on Kenshi... he will still send you off full screen, being sent full screen having meter on hand is better than breaking then getting pushed back full screen without meter. One of these days, a video how to defeat Kenshi and to exploit his weaknesses will be made then everyone will start learning how to fight this character. He will still be 6-4 against majority of the cast but at least players will have the knowledge how to fight him properly.
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    if shoulder whiffs,u should punish with charge not spark
    you dont really want to be throwing sparks alot really, as fullscreen there easy yo see and there -26 up close so even throwing them outside touching distance you'll still be at disadvantage,sure even if it hits your -2
    f3 is def a problem,its a amazing footsies tool,combo starter and blocking it give kenshi meter,something u dont want.
    im afraid i dont agree with not using breakers,while im well known for hating my meter,break a combo and your still in there rather than having to ex charge your way back in,which if is read can be backjumped or reflected to cause a whiff and knock your tarkatan ass back out for your troubles
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    What do you guys think about sub zero possibly being in the top 5 for baraka's worst MU's? Fighting a turtle sub is a nightmare...
  9. 1man3letters

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    ....definitely not at bad MU so id say no
  10. HGTV DrFlash44

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    that is so inaccurate its not even funny
  11. 1man3letters

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    what is?
  12. HGTV DrFlash44

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    look at it closely he just takes the tier and puts it as normal for example Kabal is the best character is the only 3-7. The worst three characters besides baraka are sheeva, jade, and csz who are all 6-4
  13. 1man3letters

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    what the hell are you talking about? read back what u just wrote, it doesnt make sense
    and why are u talking about csz?? no one mentioned him

    also the worst chars part is your opinion, not law
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    I know that its my opinion, but in general the tier list is based as baraka as a low-mid character with absolutely nothing unique about him look. According to this he loses to the better character ties with the ok characters and beats the best characters
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    Dude what the hell are you talking about? He beats three characters, Jade, Sheeva, and Scorpion. He goes even with a couple of mid tier characters and a couple of low tier(Kano, Sub) and high Tier(Smoke). He loses to some of the best in the game, and some that are mid tier.

    You either are misunderstanding something or have no idea what you are talking about.
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  16. I'm actually fairly convinced he beats Smoke, but that's just me.
  17. 1man3letters

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    if it wasnt for the resets youd be right, its 5-5 even with them though, blade charge/spin fucks smoke up, hes no armor for the frametraps either and his projectile does no chip
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    nothing unique??? :eek:

    Zoidberg747 set ya straight there with the MUs anyway....
    tarkatans love to be underestimated, have fun if you dismiss learning the MU like many do and u have to play it in a tourny,blades finding hearts all day
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  20. I really don't know. I have fuck-all experience in that match, even against bad Skarlets. :/
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    Well I haven't fought many Skarlets except my mates Scar (KH Scar) and Fear (WLK_EdwarD). At first I would say 5-5 but that was before I met Scar :p
    I'd call it 4-6 because Baraka's at a disadvantage when a Skarlet player can utilize her armor very efficiently, but not as much as a disadvantage like when fighting Kitana and even without meter she can be a nightmare. Between both Scar and Fear, Scar's Skarlet is more advanced I think because that's his main (no disrespect to Fear), but Fear on the other hand DOES main Kitana and even though some say Kit-Scarlet is 5-5, I can see why Baraka struggles a lot more against Kitana than Skarlet with the fact he gets owned in the air so bad by Kitana even if she doesn't have meter. Honestly I don't know much about Skarlet or Kitana just the fact that from my experience I've fought excellent players of both. I'm calling Baraka-Skarlet 4-6.
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    4-6 probably. I mean she has a clear advantage, but nothing horrible. Her armor is problematic, and her strings give her lots of meter, but her zoning isnt too dangerous and you can still effectively corner her.

    4-6 in my limited experience.
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    what are these frame traps? i don't play baraka, but this sounds like something i should know...
  24. 1man3letters

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    see my guide "doom kicking it with raka",
    all frametraps and follow ups explained

    also this is a MU discussion thread ;)
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