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Bane Official Combo Thread: "Doo doo doot doo Thats Bane!"


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Is it always related to venom charge? I'm noticing some buggy weirdness in that move in how it effects opponents. You already heard me mentioning that if you point blank it in the corner as he runs on top of their body the moment he starts to cross em up they slingshot along the floor to the opposite corner of the screen. If that move induces its super fast and impactful knockdown by using coding to generate a force I think it may be still generating that force as he dances on them and the person's hitbox gets tangled in the field or something shooting them. Just speculating that one, but its a move that does weird things to people.
That's why its the OHVCS. The overhead prevents that problem.
I really need to work that OHVCS thing into my game. Although i have been having great success with on block b11~dbf3.

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Lately my main combo has been

B23,123~DB2 (27% non-venom)

It's less damage, but Venom Uppercut I find leave you in the best position better then non-MB throw.


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Odd thought but has anyone managed to get any new combos off of the D2 changes yet? I haven't labbed out much at all with Bane as I've been trying to pick up Hawkgirl.
I don't know what i am doing wrong but they always seem to be able to jump out of that set up when i try for the OHVCS

Edit. I got it.

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Okay I got to know something here...I've been messing with J1 and J2 The J2 the jumping low front kick thingy. Its frame data is not as insane as J1 and I thought it might setup a lot of shit due to its range. However I swear it feels like a near instant overhead at times since it comes out so fast due to it hitting so far below Bane. Its frame data claims it has 13 frames of startup, but what I've been doing is hitting it the instant I hit up and he just sort of snaps right into the kick and it hits easily since it comes out so low that its in their face.

Not certain if this changes its hit properties or not but the deal is it feels like its waaaaaaaaay faster of an overhead sometimes and it comes out so fast and I was hoping it might set up from mid some great pressure and a way in outside of D1. Problem is its couldn't setup shit because its recovery and on block frames aren't that great and dont leave him able to take advantage of it even on hit which sucks...but it made me start noticing that point blank you could get J1 to hit similarly.

J1 is +40 on hit and +27 on block which means even with a 25 frame recovery if they block it you come out at +2 frame advantage and up close you can get it to land on the up arc of the jump meaning its not super fast but 11 aint too bad in some cases on block to take advantage of during pressure.

Whats the deal though here with J2? Is J2 coming out faster by doing it as soon as I hit jump or is the frame data wrong because this thing feels faster than 11 frames and it can be angled toward folks to instantly jump forward over lows for an overhead . If the frame data is wrong by doing this does it mean the move may actually be more useful than the frame data claims? Hoping someone could help me test recovery here or just in general see if its actually coming out faster/recovering faster or not by doing it the instant you jump.


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I'm not sure about conflicting frame data and whatnot, but I use j.2 almost exclusively as my jumping attack. It has more vertical range than j.d3 (and not much less horizontal range) so people have less time to react, especially if they're standing. Also, there are times when j.d3 misses if the opponent does a crouching move that lowers their hitbox enough. Don't have to worry about that with j.2. It's also much easier to confirm off an air-to-air exchange than with either j.1 or j.3/j.d3. You don't have to worry about an accidental VU when doing b23 right after either. And it crosses up.


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I usually use j.3 personally because on block you can slide into a command grab for free against a lot of the cast


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b.23 b.1 x3 223 VU.

awesome combo. The more I play injustice (and Mk9, for that matter), the more adamantly I am opposed to burning meter in combos. There is nothing like sitting on meter for armored F3's/B3s, clashes, and the occasional, infinitely swag, combo-ending super to take a match .
Which of bane's moves ends in hard knock downs? That might help ppl get better at his wake up game.....i've played some bane's who had an awesome wake up game....pretty much controlled me the whole match.
Which of bane's moves ends in hard knock downs? That might help ppl get better at his wake up game.....i've played some bane's who had an awesome wake up game....pretty much controlled me the whole match.
I am fairly certain charge, body press, and sweep are all hard knockdowns. Not sure if there are any others tho.

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One pretty sweet bane combo i have found that takes NO METER but all 3 venoms is this

It is my BnB at the moment You can go JD3 or J2 or whatever you jump you want or if don want a jump dont add one

It starts B23 123 BF2 MB for 27% if you JD3 you get 35% then varies from their if you do different jumps.

Now if you have 3 venom up and do the same combo you get ( No Jump ) 41% ( With JD3 ) 53%!!!!

53% no meter is insane its just the venom that costs you but that recharges pretty fast so you can use this often trying to land it and even if you mess it up you still land like 30% off like 2 attacks so you will be fine and then you can just reset as you start one dash from your opponet. except this time do the same thing no vemon for 35% that is one meter.... So if you get the reset you have just taken 88% of their health with 1 meter and by the time you are done doing that your Venom is back, So now you can decide to mix it up or not by going for 113, B23, B112 or whatever for the rest of his health. I found this work pretty well.

Hope this helps <3

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Been working background bounces into my game a ton lately, and my god it is downright disgusting with bane. Been using the following 3 variants:

12~bounce, b3, j2, 123~ring toss
b23, 12~bounce, b3, 12 ring toss/cmd grab/venom upper
b23, 12~bounce, b3, 123, dash under, ring toss
f2d1~bounce, b3, j2, 123~ring toss

The damage you can get out of background bounces is absurd, and off of random b23's its super easy to confirm and carries mega far. Can get bounces from a screen away.