Video/Tutorial BABALITY: A Mortal Kombat Documentary surrounding the VSM vs Midwest Rivalry 5v5

Discussion in '[MK9] General Discussion' started by Slips, Dec 3, 2017.

By Slips on Dec 3, 2017 at 12:03 PM
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    I [Slips] was recently interviewed about the classic Valley Stream Monsters vs. Midwest grudge match back in the 2011 MK9 days by @piemaster. Well-made video and a glimpse of the one of, if not the first, heated rivalries this community got hype for.

    So, if you're newer to this community, you DEFINITELY need to check out this interview.


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Discussion in '[MK9] General Discussion' started by Slips, Dec 3, 2017.

    1. piemaster
    2. Cashual
      Man that was so good! Thanks for sharing
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    3. piemaster
      Thank you!
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    4. navaroNe
      That was great, makes me miss the MK9 scene. Hope MK11 brings half as much hype as MK9 did.
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    5. Jynks
      loved it... but a real shame there was no interviewers with the other players... you should seriously consider contacting them and interviewing them and making a new cut.

      Try and get the players and maybe a few comments from other scene guys.. like Tom and Pig and stuff.
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    6. 16 Bit
      16 Bit
      This is pretty awesome! Good times.
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    7. piemaster
      Believe me I want to. But I work 45 hours a week and I’m in school. And even tho I work so much I don’t really have money to travel. We’re here in St. Louis so it’s kindof far l for anyone else involved. I would like to someday do another video about the mk9 scene and get more people involved tho
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    8. Jynks
      just a thought... but maybe just email them.. most people have cameras on their phone and stuff.. just say "tell the story and send me the video"... just an idea.. but anyway.. great vid I really enjoyed it.

      There was really nothing I knew about like this in MKX.. the only thing that was close was the Forever King vs WoundCowboy thing at Yomi... which was legit awesome.
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    9. piemaster
      Oh I agree I think that’s a great idea. I just don’t really have time :/ but thank you! I appreciate that a lot.

      Hm I don’t know anything about that rivalry that’d be cool to see something about it!
    10. virtiqaL
      Good to see Slips is still alive... checking the vid out now, it was definitely one of the most memorable moments of MK9.

      Not even 5 minutes into the video and I'm already longing for the days of MK9 again... ugh. ='[
    11. IROC
      Those were the days indeed. God i miss them.
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    12. Braindead
      This is too fucking good man. I'm only 10 minutes in and already loving it so much and sharing it with people.

      Also it made me realize how fucking much I miss listening to @Slips on KTP :(
    13. Braindead
      OK I just finished it and that ending is fucking perfect man. 13/10.
    14. piemaster
      Thanks man! I appreciate that so much <3
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    15. scarsunseen
      i miss MK9 :(
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    16. Dizzy
      Well done! This brings back memories.

      One personal thing about this exhibition, it was a huge honor to be chosen by 16 bit for it. At the time, I was a random, or at best a slightly known player from being hyped up. I won some locals, placed at regionals and got 13th at Season's Beatings 2011 which was a notable major.

      Being apart of an exhibition that involved mostly major tournament winners/people that placed top 3 often, was crazy to me. Even though I got better placements past then, at this point in time I was out classed.

      It may sound weird since I got bodied and my team lost pretty badly, but the weekend of Final Round was when I started actually becoming a top player, in some ways. So in a weird way I think back on the weekend fondly.
    17. piemaster
      There’s so many interesting stories to be told around the community at this point in its life, yours being apart of it. It would be awesome to one day try to do a video about mk9s life as a whole
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    18. piemaster
      I don’t know how this works but if anyone could help to get this on the front page that’d be awesome
    19. Slips
      It's interesting the different paradigms everyone comes from. Having a voice in the community and a reputation I was too proud of to begin with made that weekend brutal. To me it felt like a nightmare of public humiliation and a lot of mojo was lost at the time lol. Good character building XP though looking back now.

      You definitely rose up for the midwest after that and took care of bidness. :cool:
    20. STORMS
      FYI for those who would like to watch the original footage:
    21. TotteryManx
      Fantastic job @piemaster! I remember this well, along with the Brady/DJT mirror, other regional matches, KTP, and the PL story line. It was a hype time that seems to be missing nowadays. Injustice 1 had similar hype, but it kind of died off during MKX. Taking a look at these boards and how less active they are compared to 4-6 years ago is telling. Hoping there is a massive bounce back with MK11.
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    22. JTB123
      That 5v5 along with the Final Round that followed remains one of my all time favourite tournament viewing experiences. The scene was so exciting back then.

      Really enjoyed watching this.
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    23. Linkuei82
      Gid this brings back so much memories. Great video!
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    24. Aramonde
      This was fucking godlike!!! I've never seen this before and even tho it happened years ago i was praying for Detroitballin to not lose lol to Senior.

      I do miss watching competitive MK9, i started watching it near the beginning of 2013. Even tho watching Cyrax and Kabal was cancer the rest of the cast was so fun to watch.

      Whatever happened to CD Senior? I know of his little bro but not him.
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