Video/Tutorial BABALITY: A Mortal Kombat Documentary surrounding the VSM vs Midwest Rivalry 5v5

Discussion in '[MK9] General Discussion' started by Slips, Dec 3, 2017.

By Slips on Dec 3, 2017 at 12:03 PM
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    I [Slips] was recently interviewed about the classic Valley Stream Monsters vs. Midwest grudge match back in the 2011 MK9 days by @piemaster. Well-made video and a glimpse of the one of, if not the first, heated rivalries this community got hype for.

    So, if you're newer to this community, you DEFINITELY need to check out this interview.


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Discussion in '[MK9] General Discussion' started by Slips, Dec 3, 2017.

    1. Linkuei82
      He's a family man now.
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    2. Braindead
      @STORMS @SneakyTortoise this is definitely front page material
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    3. STORMS
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    4. THTB
      OMG the memories! MK9 was such a fun time and the hype factor was a huge reason why. Wish we could go back to these days.
    5. virtiqaL
      MK9 was without a doubt the "Attitude Era" of the NRS community. As much as I hope I'm wrong, I don't see another NRS game coming close to recreating the 'magic' of that time. Makes me sad.
    6. THTB
      I honestly don't, either...but I will be happy to be proven wrong.
    7. piemaster
      Thanks man!!!
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    8. Braindead
      @piemaster what made you decide to make this documentary?
    9. piemaster
      So right now im in film school and we are encouraged to go out and shoot things that they can critique or that we can use on a reel. So ive shot a few interviews as an exorcise but nothing interesting.

      I also hope to be a documentary film maker some day and everything ive ever learned about making documentaries is basically knowing your source material. So this was sort of an exorcise in that to see if i could tell a story using just an interview and b roll footage i could find. like not using narration or titles to give information to the audience. Like in a sense visual story telling (with the aid of slips obviously).

      So for those reasons plus im the only one in the school currently who has made a full project just on their own so im curious to see what comes of that. also i just sorta love Mk9 and the story of the 5v5 cuz i watched it live and never forgot it lol
    10. Braindead
      That's pretty awesome. Good luck in school.
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    11. Braindead
      Am I going blind or does this thread actually NOT show up on the front page?
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    12. TotteryManx
      It has been recently. @piemaster I read your post about school and as an viewer, this was awesome and you're on the right track. Good luck with school.
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    13. Doctor Angel
      Doctor Angel
      These were the literal best of times.

      There has yet to be another era like MK9.
      What could be done with a game like that and the caliber of players there are now...sheeeeeeit.
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    14. Linkuei82
      Looking back at that seems like a totally different time and era for the scene that I don't think we will ever get back.
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    15. dribirut
      Awesome stuff!

      The cd jr PL rivalry was sick too

      West coast and VSM rivalry was arguably even bigger
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    16. dribirut
      I think the region rivalries and representation was the best: you had

      All repin their scenes hard
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    17. LaidbackOne
      'Go back to Canada' forever in my heart <3
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    18. Linkuei82
      Dink vs Jr rivalry was pretty big too. I think the PL and Reo story was probably the biggest next to PL vs New York.

      Goldy beating Wong was hype.

      Tom Brady vs the Subzero mains. If you guys want to go back and see all the was going on pretty much KPT podcast will take you down the memory lane lol.
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    19. deathstroke187
      i remember watching this live , i was a big Cd jr fan back then
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    20. MAPUSA
      mk9 remaster for ps4 pls!!!

      MK9 WILL NEVER DIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    21. piemaster
      Thats so nice of you to say! As far as trying to tell a story through video this is my first project. Its amazing to hear that this is going over as well as it is. its very very heart warming <3333
    22. Parasurama

      This was good man. I did not know the competetive scene during MK9, so it was good to watch.
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    23. Konqrr
      See me in the top right of the FFXV 5v5 room? <3

      I talked a LOT of shit about the Noob vs Kitana matchup and was ready to money match everyone in it. After pools I actually went to Maxter's room to MM him and it turned out that Pools 3 and 4 were starting so we didn't play.

      Final Round XV was soooooooo gdlk and a real eye opener about my lack of matchup experience outside of Kung Lao, Kano, and Noob.

      <3 Great video.

      MK9 is the BEST.
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    24. DownfouralitY
      Fantastic video! Always good to hear from you Slips, especially when it's concerning MK9. I remember watching this live and it being hype as fuck but I was also stunned, the following KTP with IKizzle was the best shit ever.
    25. MKF30
      That's awesome, there's just something special about MK 9 that grabbed people all kinds of gamers that MK X didn't do.

      Slip's seems like a cool guy, and Steve is totally someone I'd get along with with geeking out on MK lore.
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