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At UFGT CAPCOM vs MKC World War Begins. Whose in?


Get your guns on. Sheriff is back.
Capcom scum here. Just saying I play whatever I like is all. I was a hard sell on MK9 but IGAU got me to check it out and I was a believer after that. Just wanted to say we aint all bad. F. Champ is just a heel character. Im 100% IGAU now so not certain how to classify me considering I technically left Capcom for KoF XIII really till now, but I was one of the most active forum goers up until November for Marvel.


Vampire Jesus....he wants YOUR blood now!!
wait what? PL won evo a third time? how come i havent seen any vids!!?? o-0


You. Are Not. Alone.
I don't think this fat fuck just said he's a better zoner than Kevin fuckin Landon and with a name like his how does he hate on anybody else's name? The MK kids should win this cause they don't have to worry about putting in time for other more successful games Injustice is all they got while Capcom players have more important things to worry about