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At UFGT CAPCOM vs MKC World War Begins. Whose in?

Pig Of The Hut

Day 0 Phenomenal Dr. Fate and Darkseid player
Filipino Chump has put in motion what looks to be a heated rivalry between the Capcom fan boys vs the Mortal Kombat Community. I need to know who will be representing the MKC at UFGT so one of us lowly unintelligent MK players can win UFGT and take round 1 for the MKC.

Whose definitely going and who isn't? None of this "Im not sure" shit. We need to come in and come in hard with guns blazing and eliminate every one of these Capcom fan boys on day 1 to show them whats up with the MKC. I have no problem leading the face of this charge if no one else wants to. LETS GO MKC

1. GGA 16 Bit - He Will be our leader on the battlefield and will prepare us all for how to take down the capcom scum

2. Perfect Legend - THREE TIME EVO CHAMPION in two different games who capcom fan boys just pissed off.

3. Slips - This guy gets top 3 and top 8 at majors with Scorpion. Word on the street is he will go all top tier in Injustice which means a short afternoon for capcom boys.

4. @Pig - #1 Kenshi which will equal to best zoner in Injustice despite what chump said

5. GGA Dizzy - Best fundamentals in FGC next to Chris G. Once he finds his main its over for the rest.

6. REO - Arguably the #1 MK player in the world and few argue it. It won't matter which character he picks, he'll dominate with whomever he choose to play.

7. Death - I dont know, he likes Superman so thats cool. lol

8. Tom Brady - Cause in Tom We Trust



Capcom Fan Boys

1. Filipino Champ - This is America Son......and you're dealing with a community that now has you as a target and on top of that you're claiming to be the best in the future w my character? #cool

2. Chris G - Only player saltier than me but Huge respects to Chris g. I cant say anything bad about this guy. I sort of <3 him. lol

3. Yipes - Sounds like a dog name and/or Sound. Whats a "Yipe"

4. Wong - Quit caring about MK9 after disappointing evo performance, Great guy and accomplished but stood no chance when MKC grew up.

5. Floe - Has had his c6 vertebrae blown out NUMEROUS times in mk9 since his PDP wonder days which were a fluke.

6. Valle - 13th best Shang Tsung out there and our community only has 5 Shangs

7. Sabin - Started with Kenshi but needed the real players to step in and show him how its
done w Kenshi

8. Dimenion - My favorite capcom player who I pull for but he wont be the #1 zoner in Injustice unless I decide not to play it.



No idea where these guys stand:
Cd Jr



Man of Tomorrow
I'm going, there's practically nothing that would make it so I couldn't go. Money's all set, just gotta book a room/pre-reg but I'm seeing if I can find someone to split a room before I just go on my own.


PTH|RM Relaxedstate
I will be at UFGT, since I probably cant make ECT. Hopefully xKhaoTikx and astronout can come with me! or any of the NoVa/MD guys for that matter.... We talked about it a little bit.
Anyway, I am down with that Flash/Raven/WW swag


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Rofl, I love Pig as much as FChamp now. Guys just keep making my day.

If one play's all community games, but mostly "anime", where would they stand? Fuck it, I'll just be "That one weaboo nig".


"Heaven Will Fall!"
Not really alot for you guys to worry about on that Capcom list except Chris G and Yipes if he is wearing his curly mustache. Good luck to you all and give em hell.