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At UFGT CAPCOM vs MKC World War Begins. Whose in?

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99.99999999999999999% of you consider me the worst MK9 player alive
Do not I repete DO NOT attach that tag to anyone in the UK we fucking hate all of you but we know how good and smart a player you are so just redirect that to the amuricans.

This message is brought to you by The Hateocracy


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I like how we're just taking this as fun competition. Probably most of the Capcom guys are all like "fuck those weak ass scrubs on TYM, we'll body them and make them go running back to MK, ect"
We are doin exactly what you just described lol
Edit: I missed the joke again, didn't I?


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So what I realized is... This should be advertised. And not advertised as in "a post on one forum". This should be hyped all the way up and made into a big deal, because it's going to bring positive attention to both communities, as well as to the game, and to UFGT on the whole.

If this is done right, and handled respectfully and in the spirit of competition, it could be turned into a great opportunity for the FGC as a whole to generate a rare level of interest by working together.

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Sort of disappointed with the massive power jump they decided to do.

brb I'm a god now.

IMO a movie about Goku gaining mastery of SSJ3 would have been a better choice.
Not to mention Super Saiyan God looks incredibly disappointing. Expected something cooler looking than SSJ4.


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I'm considering making a website for this, with registration lists, score tallys, and a countdown.

Also, who's good at making trailer videos? This deserves one. When we get closer to the event and we know who's going to be there, we should have a hype video and spread it virally on twitter, twitch shows, etc.


I'll be at UFGT, although putting me on the team is counterproductive, because I'm gonna rock it like Green Arrow does... SOLO (He left the JL bro, cause JL is too mainstream). And when you need a single shot fired, I'll be there to put an arrow in someones eyeball.

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Now you and Justin can't go on adventures...the dap that never was. Maybe one of you will hit your head, get temporary amnesia and start liking the others player's game, like that old Ninja Turtles episode where shredder forgot he was a bad guy.



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I have no resume outside of beating some great players outside of tourney... but hear this. MK9 was my first fighting game with no training mode. Injustice will be a different story. And all of you fuckers will be rooting for me in grand finals to represent the MK community in Injustice.

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1) cowboy 2)detroit (shang retired) 3) astronaut 4) xkhaotic shangx (retired) 5) ... wonderchef?
There were originally 32, but after DetroitBalln unleashed the Soul Steal Glitch, all the Shangs started killing each other, and now they're on a collision course with absolute destruction as they consume one anothers' souls Highlander-style until there is only one.

It's rumored that Detroit retiring Shang was really the result of striking a devilish deal with WoundCowboy , passing onto him the mantle of #1 Shang in exchange for a truce between the two of them, after which Cowboy's rew-found power allowed him to consume every other Shang player in America, so he just morphs into them whenever they're expected at a show.

Valle only lives because he's gathered a stockpile of Continues from years spent in the FGC.

...Seriously, though, I hope you guys fucking destroy them all.
It'll be nice to have the entire MK globe under one banner again ala the Fight For EVO.



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This is too hype. I've got a few things to take care of before I can start traveling again but damn I want to go to this so bad.


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Im kinda a nobody considering my biggest accomplishment was 2nd at coco but I did defeat THTB, MASTER D and M2DAVE to get it ...m2dave did beat me the second time we fought ...anyway mk was the first time I ever tried to compete in a fighting game on a pro level and I enjoyed playing and getting to meet most of you at tournys ...I plan on taking injustice seriously and ima try to get as beastly as my hands will allow me to get ..ill be maining flash, grundy, and harley..and of course batman cuz im a big fan. Ill do my best to defend the honor of our beloved mk community ...I have mad respect for all of you ...good luck to all my mk people we will all show and prove what a great community we are to the world ...im so stoked for injustice I feel like a kid waiting to open his presents on christmas morning ...im down to fight in any of your corner if you need me... Respect to all you guys ...U DA BES :D