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AREZ God Of War Has Passed Away


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I had known Arez for over 11 years. He was a very interesting and an extremely unique person. Always wanted to play classic fighting games, and always wanted to learn. He wasn’t afraid to call me out on my bullshit, we had many healthy arguments over the years. He was also one of the funnier people I’ve known. Sometimes crossing the line but still tried to be respectful in some capacity.

Kinda embarrassing, but I remember waaay back in the day, I had made a sexist joke. And he educated me on why it was wrong. I was young and stupid but he wasn’t having it. He would constantly help me grow as a person. It’s something I will be forever grateful for. I helped him level up in video games, he helped me level up in life.

This hit me very hard, 2020 has been absolutely brutal. You will be deeply missed my old friend. RIP @AREZ God of War


RIP Arez & Booya

AREZ came around the same time I first got into competitive gaming in general with MKA. Man was a Sheeva head through and through, and he also had a huge love for animals. I remember there was a pictures thread, and he was constantly putting up pictures of his pet reptiles. He was always down to play games with you for HOURS on end. I got a chance to meet him during the big 3D MK meet up at NEC in 2010. Krayzie, Dancock, Aldagod, Check, AREZ, STORMS, REO, Tom Brady, Gerchap, JAGO, Red Saleen, Juggs, DC Hustle, 9.95, Shock, Dark Rob, AC1984...man...that whole weekend was just straight MK fun. Easily my favorite tournament weekend of all time. He was there for the FT10 for $20 me and REO had. He was there for the big ass UMK3 cab STORMS dropped in. He was there for some DAMN good times.

Part of the reason I still thought about MKA was him. The discussions on MKA we had still managed to make their way to TYM. Man...SHEEVA WAS LOW TIER AND HE WAS DETERMINED TO PROVE US WRONG ON IT LOL!

He was just on here literally a few days ago, too. And that hurts the most, because he was checking up on those he called a friend.

Rest easy, AREZ. I'mma miss you.


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I don't even know what to say... This is really sad...

I'm glad I got a chance to meet him. He was a genuinely nice person. A true OG MK player, and an important person in moving this community forward when there was only a few of us around to do so in the beginning...

RIP Arez, and my condolences to his family...


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Very sad news.
A little bit about Arezonline background,

he joined the online world way way back In 2005 as WU General also known as Anaconda on the MKO Forums, Kano And Mileena player in MKD And Sheeva player in MKA.
when talking to you he always used the real names not the forum name, He was the very first person I met from the forums the day we went to NYC to meet up with Pig of the Hut, MKF and a few others In 2006

Dude had mad love for his reptile pets “that’s why his Anaconda tag”

I had a picture from that trip to NYC but sadly I just can’t find it

Rest In Peace my friend @AREZ God of War AKA WU General, Anaconda.