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AREZ God Of War Has Passed Away

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I never thought I'd be posting this, but I just received news that @AREZ God of War has passed away. He has been an online friend of mine since 2008 during the 3D MK days, and I considered him a close friend. Cause of death was alcohol. We ran a clan back in the day called The Black Dragon, and were like family though we never met in person.

https://blackdragonmk.proboards.com/ is our old clan website. Looks nothing like it used to but is filled with memories, and history (don't click any fishy russian links).

Rest in peace, brother.
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wow :( this is sad news. i too was once close with him. we played the 3D mks for hours. even spoke recently on here. alcohol is a awful disease it nearly got my mother once upon a time. :(

Rest in peace my friend


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There’s so much I want to say. This has hit me like a truck. I can’t even collect myself or my thoughts. The anger and the sadness are overwhelming me. 2020 is absolutely fucked.

for now before I pass out from breaking down, at least need to say for now... rest in peace old friend.... rest in peace. Getting off the Internet

Eddy Wang

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We were close, mostly from mk9 days, he even checked on me when he returned.

I'm devastated by this and my own brain and heart are trying to tell me even now that this did not happened.

We live long enough that sometimes seems like death doesn't ssurround us or those close to us, just hope whenever he is, he is at piece now.

Till we meet again brother, safe travel.
Old head Shogun here. I’m sorry to hear about his passing. This guy was an animal! Absolutely hilarious and a lot of funny and good memories tied with this dude. I hate to hear some of his demons got the best of him. Ironically, I was reminiscing about the good old days tonight right before I found out the news. The energy must be in the air. RIP, brother. Cheers.


Terrible news. Didn't know him but from the short time I've been here he seemed like a very nice guy.

Rest in peace.