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Are the servers down?


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Please tell me if there’s a more appropriate place to post this? But I can’t find any tweets from netherrealms twitter or anything, but at 1 am est I can’t seem to connect to online even thought every other multiplayer game I play is fine, is this due to maybe spwn coming out in a few hours? Please let me know. Really frustrating.
If this isn’t the appropriate place to post these, I apologize and a feel free @mods to remove this post or whatever you deem necessary.
just looking for some answers here and seeing if anyone else is dealing with the same problem
Yeah I'm having the same problem. I'm In the pacific northwest at almost midnight on xbone. not sure if this is a spawn thing or what the deal is. All other games work fine and i've restarted and done all that stuff too. very frustrating

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Same here. I have done everything

I moved my xbox

Restarted/rebooted it

Closed game and signed out

It went back on for a while last night but it is back to not working


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Incoming casual AF post but I'm a little titled right now. Not because of Spawn but because I'm just outside of the top 5% to get the Johnny skin in this week's race against time and by the time the servers will be back it'll be too late to get it. #RIPdressupJohnny
The character was available for install as early as 6:30 AM PST today, which is when I downloaded it. The inability to connect to the server started yesterday though. I killed the game and restarted it and managed to get connected, but a friend tried to get on all night to grind out KL and never got on.

This morning when I downloaded Spawn I was unable to connect to the server again and this time restarting the game and my console cold did not resolve. I just farted around with his base variations and move set in the lab before I left for work.

Needless to say, there's never a good time for this kinda thing, but the night before the KL season ends AND before maybe the most anticipated MK character ever is released looks pretty bad.