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Another Nightwolf Confirmation for Tomorrow (with an outro)

So if you look right below this post, you'll see that Ed Boon teased out some Nightwolf information to come tomorrow. Today, he reaffirmed their plans for that Nightwolf reveal/showing, but this time, he posted an outro for the character. If that interests you, and if you have 11 seconds, watch below!


In the tweet we also get a bit of pleasant transparency, getting some acknowledgement that the information dry spell has been bothering people, but they are doing what they can. Might be a WB issue, might be a crunch issue, might be a clandestine shadow government issue, who's to say? But it was very much appreciated to hear that NRS is understanding the concerns.



Amazing how much of a mood swing a simple tweet can make.

It's like we're broads who have been stood up and Ed is Prince Charming arriving late with a bouquet of flowers in hand, claiming he was stuck in traffic … and somehow everything's ok. We smile and we forget he was ever late.
I mean... immediately concluding that it’s WB’s fault is kinda doing the same thing that people blaming NRS accomplishes. The only thing for certain that we know is that we don’t know anything for certain. There could be any number of factors that are causing any delay or problem.

I will say though that “blaming NRS” is more of a meme than anything. Kinda like blaming Bungie back in the day.
But the movie isn't coming out until 2022, right? I can't really line the DLC up with that.

I do think that he's saying it's WB's fault, though. I'm just not sure about the movie being the reason why WB is doing what they're doing.
I think he’s referring more to the Terminator movie, and possibly The Joker movie, not the new MK movie.
This is why I spent that other thread encouraging people not to jump the gun.. And trying to get people to realize that there's often a lot more than people being 'lazy' or just not caring behind these situations.

It might seem like game development and business is simple and easy, but it can really be complex and there's a lot of stuff to consider.
They could've been open and honest about all of the game's features and plans from the beginning, even in the 'step-by-step' marketing plan reveals they were given.

They did not.

I could care less about their excuses. Tell your customers who paid in advance when they will receive what they paid for.

Hooray for Nightwolf.
I'm guessing WB's involved with any delays. So they want the game out by a certain date to meet an arbitrary financial quarter mark, which forces them to rush, and then they want to structure the DLC to come out in line with more financial quarter nonsense. And I'm sure the guest characters come into play, Spawn/Terminator/Ash need to come out to advertise for their various projects coming out. Either way, it was definitely cool for Ed to acknowledge the wait
Do you think it could be a license dispute w Ash?
Its really this simple. everybody already knows about the work environment over at Nether-realm. If you haven't noticed, all these gaming companies have been getting exposed for shitty work conditions so of course the game isnt finished and the timing is off. This is why i dont get the constant complaining when they already told you why.
Maybe I’m in the minority here but this comment doesn’t exonerate NRS. While it’s great to finally hear SOMETHING from the studio and give a hint that WB is making it hard for them this doesn’t change that they designed the game. WB didn’t put Frost and Geras in the same game, WB didn’t make the krypt and Towers ridiculous at launch and other nonsensical things in the game. They’re both doing a piss poor job imo ‍♂
Finally, just saying...."hey, you're getting a trailer a certain day". and even saying thanks for hanging in. Kudos ED! WB in general is just up and down. even with their movies.