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Another Nightwolf Confirmation for Tomorrow (with an outro)

So if you look right below this post, you'll see that Ed Boon teased out some Nightwolf information to come tomorrow. Today, he reaffirmed their plans for that Nightwolf reveal/showing, but this time, he posted an outro for the character. If that interests you, and if you have 11 seconds, watch below!


In the tweet we also get a bit of pleasant transparency, getting some acknowledgement that the information dry spell has been bothering people, but they are doing what they can. Might be a WB issue, might be a crunch issue, might be a clandestine shadow government issue, who's to say? But it was very much appreciated to hear that NRS is understanding the concerns.



I'm guessing WB's involved with any delays. So they want the game out by a certain date to meet an arbitrary financial quarter mark, which forces them to rush, and then they want to structure the DLC to come out in line with more financial quarter nonsense. And I'm sure the guest characters come into play, Spawn/Terminator/Ash need to come out to advertise for their various projects coming out. Either way, it was definitely cool for Ed to acknowledge the wait
This is 10000% right.
This is why I spent that other thread encouraging people not to jump the gun.. And trying to get people to realize that there's often a lot more than people being 'lazy' or just not caring behind these situations.

It might seem like game development and business is simple and easy, but it can really be complex and there's a lot of stuff to consider.
alright don't use boon giving subtle hints to the current situation to justify your shilling.