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  1. Some lines are passable. I guess they picked a good character to do this with because Sonya's pretty spartan in the enthusiasm department to begin with.

    I appreciate how she's helping to hype up the game, but alot of lines are pretty rough...
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  2. DDustiNN

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    Yeah you could tell she was genuinely stoked, just super excited about it when they were on stage.
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  3. Vslayer

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  4. DDustiNN

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    Doesn’t really feel like it fits the character... but I like it.
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  5. Vslayer

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    It's a little more Cassie that's for sure.
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  6. CassieCageIsMyPunchBag

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    I heard that Shang Tsung's face will be from Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. That has me hyped.
    I don't care about Sonya's voice. Her face needs to be changed, Dang Sonya ugly.
  7. Thracian_Priest

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    I respectfully disagree.

    Even more respectfully, I agree.

    Same here.

    We're not having 4 guests?! Not a safe bet, not a safe bet at all. We could be getting not 4, but 6 guests... *shudders*
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  8. JGillette

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    Tbh i dont know anything about her acting skill but she kinda appears to have done a good job on voicing sonya
  9. BecomingDeath13

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    She's not much of a promo either but I give her credit for trying.

    To this day I believe with 100% certainty that in mk9
    Quan Chi yells "how do you know my name"
    Kitana "skip to my loo"
    Raiden "flying upside down"
    So yeah.

    Then there's the "bitches get stitches" line from Sonya and I'm like.... That's Cassie.... She already took her fucking flip kick. Stop taking her personality.
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  10. DDustiNN

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    Maybe it’s actually an inside joke from the story. A phrase that Cassie says a sometimes, and eventually Sonya, trying to be the “hip” mom, starts awkwardly saying it after some comedic buildup of failures.

    Alright I guess that’s a bit of a stretch.
  11. Vslayer

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    It would make sense because my first thought when I heard it was 'wow that's not really motherly, Sonya.' I love headcanons, but yeah it is a bit of a stretch XD

    Oh God, did they switch bodies like in Freaky Friday? Cassie's gonna be the serious one and Sonya's gonna be a giant douche.
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  12. Alec

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    I actually like Sonya, but that would literally be the cutest she has ever been on MK's entire history.
    I kinda want "cute mom" Sonya now :oops:... well, we always have Johnny.
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  13. KingKhrystopher

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  14. xiskza

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    I'd rather have the old Sonya back
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  15. trufenix

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    Ain't you heard, we got subtitles now. Those days are dead!
  16. Sonya is now a mother yes, but motherly? Just not part of her. And you have to think that if anything, Cassie would get mannerisms from her parents, not the other way around. Anyway, I think she matured a bit through MKX so it's gonna be interesting to see her now.
  17. From the little I've heard, I like Ronda as Sonya. She sounds how I imagine a tough army fighter would sound.
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  18. MKF30

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    So listening to more of her lines ehh .Yeah honestly, and not hating on her here but I think she should stay in her lane career wise like the pro fighter told the nerds in the Science of Sub-Zero head shatter. lol. Her vocal performance leaves something to be desired for sure. But when WB and NRS invites you and says "hey wanna be in the next MK game?" Who in their right mind would say no?
  19. J_in_CA

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    Sadly I don't think they cared about the quality of the performance when they knew they could attach her name to the game. I do think she's pretty bad, the last two actresses who played Sonya did a much better job.
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  20. Marlow

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    From what I've seen so far she seems fine. The writing doesn't seem to do her any favors.
  21. spidey300

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    literally just for publicity. star power
  22. Espio

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    I used to not be feeling it, but I kind of like it/it grew on me.

    It was the: "partial....maybe full vasectomy" line that brought it home for me.

    I'm not wow'd, but she gets the job done and I've fully warmed up to her.
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  23. STB Sgt Reed

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    Probably because it sounds really, really bad. She's obviously just reading her lines, not acting them. She is flat, monotone, and has no range.

    Really hoping she's not prominently featured in the story cause I'm gonna need some ear bleach.
  24. Dedlock

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    Whatever , I've heard worse and it's not a game breaker. .
  25. Pizza

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