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    Congrats. I'll support Croatia in the final if they're somehow not exhausted (and I mean that with respect)
  2. kcd117

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    Croatia's poise is very impressive. Modric, Perisic and Rakitic deserve huge respects for playing the way they are.
    I hope they can recover from this game and play as good as they played in the second half in the final.
    France is a great team and they have been playing really well but this Croatian generation deserve to be remembered as champions.
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  3. General M2Dave

    I was watching the game with family and friends and I have to admit that we were scared to death of every English set play, particularly after the free kick in the fifth minute. Aside from set plays, though, the English offense primarily consisted of long ball after long ball, with little or no creativity in the midfield. I am no soccer strategist, but this tactic seems like an ineffective way to score goals.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to Sunday. I hope Croatia can get some revenge for what happened in '98 in France. I still remember the loss 20 years later.
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  4. TurboTaco

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    I think the reason England did so well was because they didn't beat anyone good!

    They barely beat Tunisia 2-1, beat Panama who were terrible, lost to Belgium, drew with Colombia and then beat Sweden who also overachieved.
  5. KLK Lukas

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    Kung Lao x
    Living in England this morning, there is an overwhelming sense of depression within 80% of the population. I'm at work now and everyone is just so quiet, feel like I'll go to the bathroom and see people hanging from the ceiling by their ties... get over it.
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  6. Braindead

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    I think people like you miss out on A LOT when you don't feel so connected like that to a sport.

    Even when it feels shitty I think it's still very much worth it.

    There's no logic behind it, it's just a raw emotional connection and that's why you can't just get over it.
  7. Braindead

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    I can't argue that point, but it's still a massive improvement over how trash they were just 2 years ago in the Euro 2016 tournament. I think they deserve credit for how much they improved.

    Before this tournament started every time I watched this team it was a giant ball of mediocrity with no pressure or intensity and just a bunch of fluke wins in qualifiers and friendlies. But in this tournament they actually tried and actually got some results. So they get props from me.
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  8. TurboTaco

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    Thats fair, they did do quite well considering the circumstances.

    I don't think Southgate is the man to lead them forward though, same with Martinez with Belgium. Theres definitely a lack of top quality managers in International football these days, which is being reflected in the quality of the football.
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  9. Braindead

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    Definitely about Martinez. The way he set up this current Belgium team is all kinds of weird. I think a proper manager would've made them 10 times stronger.

    Southgate created a great atmosphere and found a way to mold the team in a shape that can be built on, which is fantastic. But yeah I don't know if he can evolve them much further than that.

    Most good managers just very much prefer clubs to international football so yeah it sucks.
  10. Braindead

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    Also I missed posting this last night, but I think Perisic was the best player in the match. He was extremely dangerous.


    See I keep seeing this argument and it's, again, just a cliche argument how much 'notoriety' the teams have.

    Panama admittedly I'll let you off on, cause in truth they shouldn't have even qualified for this World Cup.

    Tunisia - was only 'barely' beaten because of ludicrous penalty calls. At no other point did they look like scoring vs England.

    Colombia - why aren't Colombia good? Maybe not as good as they were in the last World Cup, but they're still here in Chile's place. It also marked the first time England won a penalty shootout at the World Cup.

    Sweden - so many things I could go over here. To beat France and Italy in the qualifiers, and then win their group isn't overachieving/coincidence, they're obviously doing something well. The media just wants people to believe they're not good because their darling Zlatan doesn't play for them anymore. Also showed Pickford getting an impressive clean sheet (which I can say with full confidence Joe Hart never would have done in that match)

    The main thing is that England is showing progress. And they're no longer afraid to drop the English FA's poster boys to give new talent a chance. Who would've thought going into this tournament that Trippier would turn out to be our best player? I'd rather they do all of this rather than get one win against a 'notable team' like Spain (who were noticeably worse than either Colombia or Sweden) and do nothing else.
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  12. Braindead

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    Ok I have a question about Trippier. I know he's played a lot for Spurs this season because their main right back got injured or something(?), but has he been this good for them this season?! He was so extremely impressive in this tournament it's crazy.

    Maguire impressed as well but I already saw similar shifts from him for Leicester so I'm not surprised.


    Yes and no. I think Tottenham's formations/competition from Aurier (who I really think was just bought as a panic replacement for Walker) hasn't done him justice.
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  14. TurboTaco

    TurboTaco Mexican street vendor

    Colombia are good but England didn't beat them in 120 minutes, they went through on penalties. Colombia were also missing their star player.

    England did well to get to the semi finals but they only got there by having an easier draw. If they had topped the group I would have expected them to beat Japan and then have lost to Brazil.

    They have definitely gotten better but I think if they want to be a top side they need a better manager. Some of Southgates decisions last night cost them the game.
  15. Bruno-NeoSpace

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    Same thing here in Brazil... everyone got super depressed...
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    If you're referring to James Rodriguez, he hadn't scored in the group stages at all. He's been ruined by Real Madrid in the last 3 years and is a shadow of himself from the last World Cup.

    I personally think Southgate is a breath of fresh air. For endless years the FA has tried bringing in these old 'Sergeant' type managers with no real effect. Arguably yesterday's game was lost on the Kane chance near the end of the first half, it's not like Big Sam would've been allowed to run on the pitch and tap it in himself if he was still manager would he? Southgate obviously wasn't the first choice at the start of the qualifying campaign but I'd say there's nothing to lose by keeping him on for the Euros campaign.

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    Croatia has been my team since 1998.
    They are the reason I love the World Cup.
    I would move to Zagreb if I could afford it.

    I cannot believe my boys made it to the 'Ship.

    Sunday, win or lose, is going to be amazing.


    That makes two of us.

    Isn't it poetic as all hell that France of all teams is who they have to go through for the Cup?
    It's fucking amazing <3
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  18. Braindead

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    Is the 3rd place match really necessary? Feels like rubbing salt in the wound. Players might prefer just to go home.
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  19. kabelfritz

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    is this still going on?
  20. Deep33

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    Oh yes, 3rd place is very much required! When Belgium kicks England to the curb and puts it in 4th place, it will be such a beautiful sight.
  21. kcd117

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    I also don't like the 3rd place match. It always feels like players are playing for something they don't care about and just want to go home to digest the semis loss.


    So regarding the match yesterday, well played Belgium. Not gonna be bitter and say 'oh the 3rd place play off is pointless' cause at the end of the day it is a medal, and it's a good medal to win. (I get the feeling Southgate didn't take it as seriously as he could have though, why didn't Dele Alli start if he was still fit?)

    Anyway, the most famous match in world sport is upon us boys. A chance at immortality for both teams. Still think France will be favoured given all the circumstances, but hey, if Portugal can beat France in the Euro final 2 years ago without Ronaldo, why can't Croatia?

    If anything, I just hope we get a good showcase here. Arguably there hasn't been a good World Cup final since Italy vs France in 2006...
  23. Nephrite

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    Im watching, but I wont be posting as I dont wanna miss a second.

    Ajmo Hrvatskaaaaaaaaaa! <3
  24. Braindead

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    Goal should've counted as offside IMO. Pogba was just offside and he interfered by pressuring Mandzukic
  25. Braindead

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    Great strike by Perisic. He's been so good in this tournament.

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