2/14 Character Reveal

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  1. Yo but real talk, it's probably Laquisha.
  2. Zaccel

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    For most others' sake I'd hope Jade/Kitana/Sindel.

    But for my money, they'd crack open the Kombat Kast, reveal Sareena, enter bf2 and watch in smug silence as it dawns exactly how fast her projectile is.

    Can't wait
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  3. Pterodactyl

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    I hope it isn’t Kitana.

    Not because I don’t think she deserves it, but because it wouldn’t really be that exciting in the sense that Kitana doesn’t really have room for improvement. She and Mileena are comparable to Sub and Scorp in that no matter what they’ll look about as cool as expected.

    I want to see someone who might give the same feeling of awe and wonder Skarlet did at the reveal, where it’s a relatively unexplored or overlooked character getting big changes.

    I want to see Frost, or Jacqui, or Sareena, or Ashrah, or literally anyone but Kitana or Mileena.
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  4. Isn't the stream/reveal tomorrow? Why we saying it's on Thursday?
  5. StormGoddess

    StormGoddess Your mind tricks won't harm me!!!

    because it's on THURSDAY

    "Next Thursday, 3 p.m. Central, we'll be right back here again," Lansdown started. "And even though I said earlier [that] we're not always going to reveal a new character [during the Kombat Kast], I feel like we're going to reveal a new character."
  6. Ahhhhhhhh fuck. Nvm. Could have sworn Tyler said a week from today during the Kast.
  7. Even Sheeva.
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  8. Raider

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    It will probably be Cassie lmao.
  9. BecomingDeath13

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    Mmmm bae
  10. MCPeePants

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    There you go!
  11. JDM

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    Cassie is my guess.
  12. Bruhhhhhhh comment of the year. U get a slow clap from me
  13. StormGoddess

    StormGoddess Your mind tricks won't harm me!!!

    No-there you go...
  14. Pterodactyl

    Pterodactyl Best Sheeva player in MKX

    I’m not gonna start getting my hopes up, friend, lest I end up like some of these people on here acting a fool when someone who isn’t their favorite is brought up.

    If I come to terms with the fact that she probably won’t even be in this game, not even as DLC, now, I can move on easily.

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