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2/14 Character Reveal

Who do you think it's going to be?

Here's my crazy theory... They emphasized a couple of times that they can't wait to "see" her... Maybe it's Khameleon (because of her invisibility?)?

Boon said they're going in a different direction with a lot of things this game and it's all about"change"... So maybe we might be getting her in replacement of Reptile for this game? Grant I hope Reptile is in it (always one of my favorites) but him being in MK9 and MKX leads me to believe hell be out (initially, maybe as DLC later) on MK11 (Ermac too)
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I think it will be Mileena or Jade. Some kind of flirty Valentine’s Day theme.

Or a completely new character.

John Grizzly

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I'd bet it's Kitana that is revealed/covered. They'll also do an overview of Skarlet for Valentine's Day.

STB Sgt Reed

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Trying to think of a female character that would fit a Valentine's Day stream...

I'm thinking Cassie (since Sonya, the character who blows kisses as a win pose, is already in).

And with characters like D'Vorah making it in, I think Mileena will be DLC (so it won't be her) and lesser hyped females won't make it in.


16bit loves Kitana, it's Valentine's day and he seems excited about it...

I hope they surprise us with a character that we don't already know though.

PS: Who is this guy that doesn't look at all like 16bit pretending to be 16bit? D:

At the reveal event I didn't recognize him when he was comentating with Ultradavid, he really got a complete redesign!