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2/14 Character Reveal


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I think they're going to be building buzz for a while with returning MK9 character reveals like Baraka, Skarlet, and now Kabal -- so my guess is Jade, though obviously I want it to be Sindel!

Kitana and Cassie were in the trailers already, so like D'Vorah I think they know that wouldn't be as hype as someone we haven't had a hint of yet.
Thing is, with D'Vorah revealed, we're kind of running out of females. Assuming we get seven (which fits the ratio) there's Sonya, Skarlet, D'Vorah, Kitana, Cassie and most likely Jade. I doubt they'll leave out Mileena and I feel like Sindel should really be in so...it's complicated for "underdogs" such as Sareena. Also, they might have a new female character.

I feel like with this story setting, Sindel and Sareena would be a perfect fit, and are both super interesting. So I'll keep my hopes up. Maybe they'll go crazy and give us eight or nine.


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I figured they were going to show D’Vorah and Kano. Which I’m totally cool with. How can you leave their reveals to some still shots?


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I think you're missing the fact that we're in 2019 and it may as well be a man that identifies as a woman. IE: Shinnok referred to as a woman by Johnny Cage in MKX. The evidence is there, it's pretty obvious.
It's not our place to assume the dark lord's gender.