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K&M Present - Getting Started: Gorilla Grodd


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Hey guys,

Mustard and I have been away for a couple of days for the Tekken 7 UK Championship, but now we're home, we've been able to work on more Injustice 2 content!

Continuing with our "Getting Started" series, this time we focus on Gorilla Grodd.


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Nice video.
I wish you talked about what his MB Psionic Blast does though (unless it's just some additionnal damage).

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Groddlike, son!

Holy fuck though in all seriousness I'm not even sad Grundy is gone any more after watching that. He looks like an absolutely perfect take on the pure grappler archetype and as a worthy successor as one could ever hope for. Just as hype for him as Bane and Swamp Thing if not moreso, so figuring out a co-main for Darkseid is going to be a true bitch/blast lol.

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Ah, I've been waiting for this! Good stuff, Ketchup and Mustard!

Strings like b1 throw and 22 throw, are those actual throws or can you block them?
In the Watchtower stream where Grodd was shown off, the throws in those strings hit mid, they're not unblockable. So far, Cheetah and Bane appear to be the only one with unblockable throws in their strings.


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Looks nasty! Love how many grapplers are in the cast thing time around, will make things interesting.


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im guessing he's going to be annoying af to play against lol
with the trait with antizoning/ermac like moves giving combos and the command grab off the leap, ON PAPER he going to wreck some peoples heads

another great video btw :)