1. P

    Supergirl is super trash.

    Maybe if you all didn’t whine about her so much and actually learned how to fight her she wouldn’t have gotten raped in the balance patch. She’s utter trash now at high levels of play, all you need to do is keep the pressure on her and she can’t move. Too many gaps, her good plus frames are...
  2. T

    Hey everyone! Need solid advice!

    I’ve been playing this game since launch and though I feel as if I’ve gotten better. I’m not where I truly want to be. I’ve recently been playing better players such as (cupcake88, bleujay888,titaniumtigers,jonny2cold,hit1357) and others. I’m trying to surround myself with good players and play...
  3. SpecOps2013

    Questions about the Supergirl MU

    So, just got bodied but some supergirl who proceeded to insult my parents after beating me (not relevant but whatever). Just some questions about supergirl. 1) Teleport is fast as hell. Any tips to react to that? 2) Down 1/3 breath is stupid as hell. I know breath is unsafe. But the problem...
  4. BlackStormBr_

    NEW SuperGirl HTB setups

    low-overhead / overhead-low hard-to-blockable air dash setup
  5. A

    j3 hover j2 combos do less damage

    All combos done on compet Superman b12 breath, f3, j3, b2, b2, f23 j2, f23 j2, b123: 392.51 b12 breath, f3, j3, b2, f23 j2, f23 j2, b123: 383.37 b12 breath, f3, j3, f23 j2, f23 j2, b123: 373.74 b12 breath, f3, j3 j2, b2, f23 j2, f23 j2, b123: 376.20 b12 breath, f3, j3, f23 j2, f23 j2, b123...
  6. ClayW

    My SG matchup chart

    I have mained her since the launch. I will willingly debate why each MU is so. SG vs ____ Aquaman: 5-5 Atrocitus: 5-5, but hard. Supergirl has a slight advantage Bane: 6-4 Batman: 4-6 Black Adam: 5-5 Black Canary: 5-5 Black Manta: 6-4 Blue Beetle: 7-3 Brainiac: 5-5 Captain Cold: 6-4 Catwoman...
  7. Admired

    Supergirl Breath Glitch

    Might be the weirdest glitch I've encountered so far. I tried to do b1 breath and meter burn after. I was then stuck in her breath animation and couldn't move. Black adam's trait might have something to do with it. Has anyone else experienced something like this?
  8. bcfighting

    Supergirl Combos & Tips with Krayzie

    Injustice 2 Pro Krayzie stops by the Body Count Fighting studio to share his favorite Supergirl combos & tips. --- Body Count Fighting is a channel devoted to all things fighting games. Each week on YouTube we post Street Fighter 5, Injustice 2, and Tekken 7 combos & tips videos, grudge...
  9. MGTarkus

    Dds vs Sg, MU info/advice compilation thread.

    I'm starting this thread to try and compile all the tech and strategies required to minimize the losing match up that is: dead shot vs super girl. Depending on how you play dead shot she is pretty much your only bad match up. It's seams like a 5-5 or a 4-6 offline but it's complete hell with...
  10. AshHousewares

    Injustice 2 Next Patch Wishlist (Buff Cheetah!)

    Hey guys! I have some ideas that NRS might want to implement in the next patch. I've made this thread, so we can openly discuss what changes should be made to characters in Injustice 2. Here are a few ideas: Give Cheetah a Crawl Move: (Concept) Make Cheetah cancel into Crawl while she's in...
  11. SMGxPrincess

    FULL Injustice 2 Character Dialogues - Largest Compilation

    Here's the full character-to-character dialogues (intros) between Batman, Superman, Atrocitus, and Supergirl. Funny, clever, and shady!lol