1. newmoon

    Liu Kang question

    Hello, i haven't found here any new liu kang combo threads or some fresh thoughts about him. So there is my question as newbee who's gonna main this character. Any good combos/main strings on liu? And how to deal with bad match ups?
  2. Evazan

    Hey there!

    Hello, so I'm new, and I go by the moniker Evazan. I've been lurking here since MKX came out, but I usually keep to myself wherever I'm at, so I never made an account. I'm changing things up though, wanting to get better at the game and find some good matches to help with that, so that's why I...
  3. SaucyD0ge

    Batman: What's your pocket main for losing Match Ups?

    Recently picked up batman, learned his bnbs and vortex; but whenever I get zoned hard as Batman, I seem to struggle with getting and staying in.I don't want to drop the character at all but can anyone tell me a secondary character to cover his bad matchups?(Deadshot, Harley etc.; the ones who...
  4. LawAbidingCitizen

    Hello all, new to TYM :)

    Been looking at this site for about 5 years or so, but I've been on MKO, MKU, TRMK and a few others. Just wanted to introduce myself and ask, How many posts do I have to make in the Noob Section to reply and talk on normal forum threads? Don't really know how this site works with its...