green lantern

  1. D

    GL Meter Building Tech/Optimal

    What do you guys think about these? I practice on CW to make sure I can hit any of my combos on a small body but the damage is better than using 223.
  2. D

    Green Lantern Post Stream Talk (Nov Balance Patch)

    Hey guys, so the Watchtower stream from yesterday came along with a lot of interesting changes that will definitely change the meta. NRS hasn't really spoken a word about Green Lantern, but I like to believe that they're satisfied about his placement on the tier. However, with of the recent...
  3. Cashual

    What do I do against Joker?

    hey y'all. I didn't play IGAU and I'm finding myself getting mauled by joker in the corner and unable to compete with him full screen zoning. I know joker is considered bad, but I have zero MU knowledge or experience against him and I got 3-0d last night by a good joker who really abused the...
  4. bcfighting

    Green Lantern Tips with BushinStyle

    Injustice 2 player BushinStyle stops by Body Count Fighting to share his best Green Lantern tips on the latest installment of Hitbox.
  5. xX_Atrocitus_Xx

    Green Lantern Shaders

  6. xX_Atrocitus_Xx

    Green Lantern video

    Best video I've seen of Green Lantern so far. Shows different colors as well. Below video shows Oa Rocket and Turbine so everybody chill...... it's gear! Panic!!!!