1. R

    HELP! In getting Skins & Gear

    Trying to collect all Gear and Skins but can't seem to get the last few for each character. Any help would be appreciative as I have grinded all towers and the krypt to death! Now don't seem to get anything but augments!
  2. MKfanatic98

    First Day thoughts on Kombat League

    Kombat league is finally here! What are your thoughts/first impressions on MKs first actual ranked mode? Do you love it? Hate it? Think it needs more ranks? [warning!!!] This is a disscussion about the mode itself, this is NOT a rant forum about the type of players or characters you see on...
  3. ThisLateGamer

    Normal Gear Augments So Far

    There are a lot of augments for every character when regenerated. But they're are also augments that will either pertain to certain characters(ex: Atrocitus's Caustic Blood increases Napalm Vomit damage) or give you extra Credits(ex: Priceless: Worth a small fortune in Credits when Sold). In...
  4. Jhonnykiller45

    Injustice 2 Unused Gears - Possible Future Release?

    So an user on reddit apparently has found the models for unused gear sets for multiple characters hidden deep inside the game's files in the PC version of the game (they're likely to be on console too) Images for every character found so far can be seen here: As you...
  5. Jhonnykiller45

    Batman Legendary Gear Showcase

    I made a video showcasing Batman's Legendary Utility Belt gear. Includes all of his shaders pre-1.09, the belt equipped on two different loadouts ingame and a little bit of what you can do with it.
  6. VSC_Supreme

    Character Gear Diversity (Cosmetic Tier List)

    With Evo having ended and no upcoming patch news on the horizon lets discuss something more casual before then. The purpose of this list is just a fun ranking for different you can make each character look with gear and shaders. I think each character has some great options and overall like the...
  7. Brown Cow 54

    Randomized Gear

    Did anyone else notice that half way through the top 8 of CEO the randomized Gear got turned off? I feel like this is such a great feature and it was really a shame that it got turned off, especially on a character like scarecrow who has awesome gear. Not really sure what point I'm trying to...
  8. Roy Arkon

    Poison Ivy Epic Gear Showcase video + Vs. Lv. 20 Swamp Thing in Multiverse

    Just wanted to share a video from my YouTube channel for fun. This video starts with me beating the Lv. 20 Swamp Thing from the Multiverse Event for Poison Ivy, Planting Seeds, and then an Epic Gear showcase, featuring some of the best Gear that Ivy has in the game.
  9. Aramonde

    The Motherbox buying strats

    I've heard the best way to get shaders and abilitys (not sure about gear) is to buy all bronze. It makes sense, if you have 100,000cr you have more chances to get the things you want. What do you guys say?
  10. SithLaird

    Regen tokens - Discussion/Questions

    Thought it would be good to have a forum to discuss any regen token questions, share info, as from my experience so far, it's either buggy or certain items can never roll good stats. For example, I Have another head piece, used regen token got good stats each time (rolled about 3 - 4 times)...
  11. riommaufc

    Setting a new standard: The deadshot standard (Practice mode discussion)

    Hello guys, this proposal would take effect when posting combos and their respective damage outpu: "In all cases, thou shall post your combo damage as if performed against Deadshot". I believe this standard would make it easier to compare combo damage across the whole board. Must also be n...
  12. Blitzace10

    Gear Sets

    I was playing Firestorm last night and got an epic gear for him that was part of a set. I had no idea that NR put these in. Please tell me if someone has a full armor set yet. For any character. I want to see them.
  13. SithLaird


  14. Azarashi Elder

    Standard Vs. Custom Costumes: INJ2 Cast

    While we wait for the next reveal & Injustice 2 stream hype, I thought I'd start a fun discussion about INJ2 costumes . I want to know which characters look great, and which look like crap out of the gate. Are there some that HAVE TO BE one hundred percent customized, and some that have to be...