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Regen tokens - Discussion/Questions

Thought it would be good to have a forum to discuss any regen token questions, share info, as from my experience so far, it's either buggy or certain items can never roll good stats.

For example, I Have another head piece, used regen token got good stats each time (rolled about 3 - 4 times). Then had this other piece which did have great stats, used a few regen tokens out of curiosity, always great stats, just moved around. They're all lvl 20 rare items, why are the possible stats restricted within separate ranges?

P.s. For the first head piece it keep changing between destructive and durable, no other possibilities. The description at the start seems to dictate stat spread and how high they are.
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I think its buggy though I could be wrong.
I have had the same issues, even got level 20 gear drop for me with 0 stats and rerolling didnt change anything.
The stat algoritm seems to not work properly. Either that or items like that are intended to be used for cosmetic only.
I have also had rare gear with much higher stats than epics of the same slot and level.

As for passives, some gear pieces have fixed ones and can not be rerolled, though there is a chance you can roll a second passive ontop of it.
It also seems some items are limited to roll only a hand full of passives (2 in your case).

But eitherway, some items appear to be bugged, but unless NRS sais something, we can not be for sure.