Pre-MLG Dallas Interview #10 - KH Scar

Discussion in 'Major League Gaming' started by CRUM, Oct 31, 2012.


Discussion in 'Major League Gaming' started by CRUM, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. Linkuei82
    Lol scar trying to get in Goldfish cosplay panties.
  2. Cat
  3. K7L33THA
    Most gangsta interview so far.
  4. Gimmick
    16 bit: "Dude, that's hella racist!"
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  5. Qwark28
    last words of hype

    answer larger than any other
  6. GGA pimpimjim
    I am now rooting for Scar to win Dallas
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  7. BillStickers
    Scar's a cool dude.
  8. Eddy Wang
    Scar u betta place top 8, other than that......
    dude...... i should stab u.................... <3
  9. Pig Of The Hut
    Great read

    Notes taken
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  10. CptXecution
    Did he just try hitting on Goldfish through an interview?
  11. CRUM
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  12. Deftonesrc
    All other kenshis except pig are free =) Should be fun watching him blow people up!
  13. Pig Of The Hut
    I could be wrong but i think STB Goldfish has a legal case against KH Scar because he just E-RAPED her in an odd way
  14. Playpal
    Looking forward to seeing Scar blow pig's back out (no homo).
  15. NRF CharlieMurphy
    that awkward moment when you read an e-rape
  16. Zoidberg747
    Wasnt goldfish the one who was on OBS about how women are treated in this community?

    Im sure she was happy to see this lol.
  17. Pig Of The Hut
    Yea I am too
  18. Wemfs
    Yeah... that shit aint happening.
  19. CptXecution
    Wait, did he try to E-Rape you too?

    If you want to talk, you have my number.
  20. General M2Dave
    If this fool uses Freddy, he will not even place top 32. Guaranteed.
  21. DJ L Toro
    Wait, scar's name is BRAD? That's the last name i expected ... but anyway:

    I’m going to pop off and then run over to the StarCraft side and break their game lol, fkn Asians and their rockstar lifestyles -_-, why we ain't fkn signing autographs yo??? Lol

    Something about this makes me certain that scar has never been with a woman. maybe the "ground pound just frames" or the mileena request, or him "tryin to see what that tech is like," or him "relying on [her] to get [him] through pools"... or just the general lack of respect and subtlety...
  22. Zoidberg747
    Even your friend at the bar was classier than
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  23. DJ L Toro
    he's actually pretty classy. he might hit on a lot of girls but he generally does so respectfully
  24. Zoidberg747
    I know, it was just a joke.

    Still though, I dont even think Scar was being malicious, I think he was just trying to be funny.

    That being said...he took it too far. Way.way.way.way.too far.
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