Next Mortal Kombat "confirmed" in development; will release alongside feature film

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    In an interview brought on by GamerHubStudios during the San Diego Comic-Con questions were asked regarding the feature Mortal Kombat film that Kevin Tancharoen is directly. When asked when we can expect the feature film, what Lance Sloane said shortly after would excite the Mortal Kombat community. This isn't the first time the "next game" a.k.a. Mortal Kombat 10 was mentioned, but the development of "Mortal Kombat 10" is confirmed in this interview. The plan like mentioned sometime last year will be to release the movie alongside the game and nailing down the "business side" of it will likely determine when the game and movie begin to be advertised/announced.

    You can hear Lance Sloane of Warner Bros confirm it in this interview at 1:26


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Discussion in '[MK9] General Discussion' started by TWISTED_ANIMALITY, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Carefoot
    Whack. The PC version is a complete bust still can't play online with it. I bought MK9 on 360 on disc on Day zero, Mk9 on PS3 for disc, than digital for 360, digital for PS3 and finally the VITA version. All the console ports were so bad I hate consoles. So finally they bring it to my fav format (PC - yes Boon I asked so many times!) and they fall flat. I will boycott all the console releases from Netherrealmnot supporting terrible studios anymore. Lost enough money on this 'hobby' now I'm just casually interested in them not fucking up the PC version again. Also these films are awful.
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    *Gives Carefoot a hug* its gunna be ok buddy its gunna be ok
  3. Cibernetico
    I would have preferred UMK9 first before MK10. Oh well.....
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  4. EGGXI
    A lot of this was sort of know, but confirmation that it is currently in development is great!
    There was that other interview that sort of confirmed there would be one new character in the game who is (only?) in the film.
  5. gdf
    Nice, great news! :)
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  6. SZSR
    Yay! Looking forward to Shinnok's invasion.
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  7. Spinky



  8. Vulcan Hades
    MK9 officially dead?
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  9. Carefoot
    They never made a working PC version, or fixed the netcode. Let alone balance the C tier and the S+ tier.

    I expect a messy mess. This is what my frustratation from MK9 is letting me know. If they cut Stryker than I can have an excuse to just ignore Nether forever. I remember when they made the preview for him like he was a real contender like in UMK. What a joke.
    As of the PC release it is dead unless they patch everything (not happening homie) - add me on PC see if we can connect I doubt it 'Carefoot' on steam.
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  10. REDRUM
  11. Rampage254
    Pls NRS don't fuck this up. No stage gimmicks, no character traits, no MB B3s, none of that shit. Use the same engine from MK9 but make it better.

    NRS is gonna fuck it up bad.
  12. Rayner
    So the netcodw for the PC version is also awful as well is it?
    lmao STORMS i guess thats a lil more proper ty
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  14. Hitoshura
    Oh boy, but I'll have Guilty Gear Xerd Sign by then. Oh well. \(ツ)/¯
  15. Vulcan Hades
    Wait, so will MK10 be for this gen or next gen?

    I hope it comes out on next gen. It needs a new engine and better graphics otherwise it's just going to look like another MK9 with a different story and characters.
  16. EGGXI
    Remember when Boon said Injustice isn't MK? Pretty sure it works the other way too.
    Although I wouldn't mind if they kept the Injustice training mode....
  17. Rampage254
    I'm sure they're gonna make the training mode better or at least the same as Injustice.
    about 1:20 in the video
  19. EGGXI
    It's just finalyl confirmed as being in development. No details really other than the game will likely be released near the next MK film.
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  20. JustPressingButtons
    Are we getting the guys from MK1-3?
  21. RedRaptor10
    I hope the bolded "Mortal Kombat 10" didn't confirm the name as well. I want Mortal Kombat X dammit. :mad:
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  23. JustPressingButtons
    I pretty much mean the guys from earth realm btw. (Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Jax, Sonya, Cage, Jade, Kitana, Striker, Kabal, Nightwolf, etc.)
  24. ZAQ
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