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Discussion in 'Killer Frost' started by RiBBz22, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. RunwayMafia

    RunwayMafia Top 64 HawkGirl Evo'13

    Omg LOL...When I was typing my original message I was debating on putting "he/she"
  2. RiBBz22

    RiBBz22 Scumbag Killer Frost / Smoke. Time Traveler. Staff Member

    Isn't that why I told you I had it at 6-4 pretty much lol. I was just saying that I never had problems, but lacked a lot of exp in that MU aside from that so I have no problem deferring. The way you fight Harley and Hawkgirl is totally different. KF's zoning and ground control leads to Harley's aeriel zoning whereas Hawkgirl's "air zoning" are more of a result of KF's lack of air control.

    As for your last question, it absolutely DOES and has affected the HG KF matchup (which has not really changed much since early on). If Hawkgirl did not have her air control the MU would probably be 8-2 Frost, since that is her general playstyle lol.
  3. RunwayMafia

    RunwayMafia Top 64 HawkGirl Evo'13

    Hmmm...except HG has a solid ground game. Look sis, I agree with your list spot on (now that I've committed myself to Frost for several months now) but I'm your liaison to someone who has mained HG from day 1 AND also mains Frost.You just cant be bothered to listen to what I have to say in regards to that MU... It should be, the very least "5-5 with adv. to HG".
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  4. RiBBz22

    RiBBz22 Scumbag Killer Frost / Smoke. Time Traveler. Staff Member

    lol, listen to what? You just keep saying it is advantage HG and ask stuff like why does it affect the Harley MU and not HG. I guess come up with a list of pro's/con's to the MU to put into the spoiler section. I think it is awesome you play both characters at a high level so it will be nice to take advantage of that.

    I have never said this MU was advantage Frost and I could see it if anything being advantage HG. Just not enough IMO to make it a 6-4...I think the margin of error is much larger for the Frost player. She can afford to get punished more times than the HG player, so that factors in as well.
  5. RunwayMafia

    RunwayMafia Top 64 HawkGirl Evo'13

    Fair enough, hooker. I'll write up my thesis for you tonight while drinking at da club. ;)
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  6. I agree with Hawkgirl mu being 5-5 fighting against a great Frost player, i actually play this mu pretty much with a very solid and intelligent Killer frost player, it is 5-5 for me. But if someone can get the advantage that's Hawkgirl tho.
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  7. ApocaLips

    ApocaLips Well-Known Member

    I agree, but KF shuts down solid ground games. Parry destroys frame traps that don't involve lows and projectiles.

    I'm confused - I thought you were asking a question. Ribbz was responding as he did because you posed the discussion as a question.

    Also, maining both characters doesn't necessarily imply knowledge of that matchup. Have you played that matchup from both ends? It's pretty hard to play yourself. Need more hands.
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  8. RunwayMafia

    RunwayMafia Top 64 HawkGirl Evo'13

    Oh I'm good friends with Ribz and I'm just giving him a hard time. And yes, I have run the KF vs HG MU a plethora of times representing both ladies. I'm not saying that makes me superior or some shit...I'm just stating my position of knowledge in that particular MU.
  9. Konqrr

    Konqrr ManBearPig

    I'd like to play your HG so I can get a handle on how to play the matchup... right now, as I've stated before, I have absolutely no idea how to approach the bitch flying all over the screen evading me and laughing at my t-rex limbs.
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  10. RunwayMafia

    RunwayMafia Top 64 HawkGirl Evo'13

    I'd love to. It'll be a nice guage for my perspective on the MU...especially since you are a day 1 Frost. ;)
  11. Konqrr

    Konqrr ManBearPig

    I play like a day 1 frost too lol ... In the beginning, I based my gameplay around 111~4 and have never recovered!
  12. Death

    Death PSN: EMPR_OBS_Death

    KF could beat superman. This mu seems annoying
  13. RunwayMafia

    RunwayMafia Top 64 HawkGirl Evo'13

    Oh dont you worry...your fate will be the same regardless. ;)
  14. RunwayMafia

    RunwayMafia Top 64 HawkGirl Evo'13

    Im glad to know you aren't dead. She beats him...
  15. xKhaoTik

    xKhaoTik Slidesies bro. Slidesies

    I think she does too. I have to play Theo tho. Idk his tag :/
  16. Zoidberg747

    Zoidberg747 They see me MB B3in', they hatin'

    I agree with the Raven #
  17. MITDJT

    MITDJT Well-Known Member

    sorry but not a chance. This matchup is all about position and whoever maintains the most favorable position will win most likely. Also if it comes down to holding a lead, GL will be winning that and he doesn't lose the zoning battle. The only place she really does damage to him is up close when she gets her pressure/vortex going. You and DJT going to have to run that match for sure.
  18. Rickyraws

    Rickyraws This mean you don't like me?

    *Rickyraws has awoken from his slumber*






    Rickyraws: you take issue.....

    ....with these match up numbers?

    Denzell: *gulp* seems like she doesn't have many bad m-match ups.....


    Denzell: B...But-...but that doesn't seem right...when...when I play a Frost.....from full and close screen I am in charge of the-


    Denzell:...Oh...Oh God, Ricky no!

    Rickyraws: You are right, she doesn't seem to have many bad match ups.....this is.....because she DOES have only few bad match ups.

    Denzell: Look I..I don't....I don't know what I was sayin'...p-please......don't...

    Rickyraws: Tell me.....have you seen the inside......


    Rickyraws: ....Of a vortex?



    Browse the other threads for MU numbers.

    Far and wide you will see that they who hath spent time against a disciple of the Ice Maiden, knoweth that few provideth such a challenge as our fair Lady. Know now, that you must examine why thine brethren commune to regard her as one of the toughest combatants to duel. Heareth not thine comrades whine that we chooseth the Cave of Batness to adept affect, causing us to have the advantage? Nay. The complaints heralded are that no other character has an advantage over her on said stage, and that, in and of itself, sees them say the stage is to her advantage. Do you see?

    Wilt thou not playeth Frosts of a high caliber? Wilt though not test thine theorums and tactics in a real life scenario? Perhaps thou hast been playing fraudulent Frosts. They shall be dealt with. However you must play the hand you have been dealt.

    And that hand is a reset. Thou hast been frozen. Think fast! High or low?!

    Denzell:! Low!

    Thine insolence betrays thee, and for thine wrong guess, you shall be brought back into our wrath. Your health is now sans 35%.
    Our meter builds. We utilize such.


    Thou findeth thineself in a scenario all too familiar. NOW HAVE AT YOU! High or low?!

    Denzell:...he...he's gonna think I'll block high.....yeah...he's trying to get into my head....Low! I block low again!

    And thou findeth thineself eating another combo off thine wrong guess.


    Thou hast been released. We give thee some space. Mercy.

    Denzell: Alright, B1,3 don't fail me now! You're the best normal in the g-WHAAAAAAAAA!?!?!

    Thine follow up hast been parried.

    Denzell: OH MY GOD!

    There is no escape.

    Denzell: <Start.......right....right....right....QUIT....."Are you sure you want to quit? The match will count as a loss" YES> Your opponent has left the game.


    Fare thee well, brave soul. For thou spoketh without knowledge. Had thee stayed and discussed with us our maiden, perhaps we may have been indifferent...NAY....allies. But instead....


    .you're just another man to punish.
  19. G4S Claude VonStroke

    G4S Claude VonStroke @MK_ClaudeVS on twitter

    I don't understand.. why do people downplay their characters in MK9 and up play their characters in injustice? It's like some kind of weird phenomenon.
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  20. MITDJT

    MITDJT Well-Known Member

    lol :p
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    EMPEROR_THEO I only use characters with wakeup scoops.

  22. Rickyraws

    Rickyraws This mean you don't like me?

    We're given a game where just about every character we play has a chance of taking you through an entire tourney. This spouts a level of rivalry as opposed to hopelessness that has arisen for players of lesser tiered characters in MK9

    As a result, some people get delusional and think their mains are the best thing since sliced bread.
    Others, (myself included) make over the top posts in an attempt to bring satire to the table, as people (perhaps thineself) easily take the bait ;)

    Others show a charming sense of over confidence that also spouts rivalry and sparks the competitive nature of the game.

    I for one, love Injustice to death.
  23. G4S Claude VonStroke

    G4S Claude VonStroke @MK_ClaudeVS on twitter

    Smoke was downplayed heavy by the smoke community, yet that character won Majors. Yet KF is up played and doesn't win shit.
  24. Rickyraws

    Rickyraws This mean you don't like me?

    No one denies Sonya's a ridiculous character.

    What has she won?Comrade....I think you missed my point...
  25. Denzell

    Denzell Denzell Washingskin

    nice story but what would really happen is
    that ice bitch going to be kissing this ring aha.
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