Video/Tutorial Batgirl - Official Reveal Gameplay Trailer w/ Back Story + New Joker Skin

Discussion in 'Batgirl' started by Mr. Mileena, May 9, 2013.

  • by Mr. Mileena, May 9, 2013 at 10:42 AM
  • The second official Injustice: Gods Among Us DLC character game-play has arrived... Batgirl! As seen in this video, she's no Batman clone! In this trailer not only do we see the official introduction of Batgirl but we get a little bit of back story. There also seems to be yet another Joker skin coming our way! Check it out below as Batgirl unleashes on The Joker, "this is usually the part where I quit".

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Discussion in 'Batgirl' started by Mr. Mileena, May 9, 2013.

  1. Living Corpse
    Scorpion I'm actually looking forward.

    Screw you guys, guest fighters are awesome.
  2. Shadowknight1
    Here. Have some delicious crow. :joker:

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  3. Saint Op Omen
    This may be good then...IDK sounds like she gets more
    Ed Boon @noobde
    RT @ThirteenOhEight @noobde U guys R showing out with that new Joker skin. That's great! EB: Just WAIT till u see the skins BG comes with!
  4. Mulder
    Yay we've turned Ratchet!
  5. aldazo
    She is a traitor...:mad:.
  6. Mulder
  7. Living Corpse
    Looks good for a 50 year old.

    mmm....and really fit too.
  8. Ratchet-Fabulous

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  9. Living Corpse
    See her gameplay is fine. You don't hate her, you just wish they had gone with someone else.

    And welcome to the Batgirl army.
  10. CrazySlasher
    She looks boring as hell to me but I'll repping that Joker skin all day.
  11. Ratchet-Fabulous
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  12. Saint Op Omen
    Comic time =real time-# of issues-years elapsed since reboot x nonsense/meta+broken clocks - % of annual rainfall in Brazil/chaos...
    So its been about 2 years...
  13. JokerAceX
    Meh still not hype for this character, as a DC fan IMO they're so many other characters that could've been added in her place.
  14. Living Corpse
    I know that but it's really not that weird. Some people just don't age. My mom is 51, she still looks like she's 20 something and my oldest sister is in her 30's. Girl looks like she's still 17.
  15. Ratchet-Fabulous
    I'm 23. And I look 23.

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  16. GreatRa0
    Looks completely lackluster, not impressed with her at all so far. I'm more interested in the killing joke alt for joker and I don't even use joker. Also batgirls costume is the worst batgirl costume ever, seriously. I actually like most of NRS redesigns for the characters but they should have gone for a more simple look for babs.

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  17. Shadowknight1
  18. Mulder
    That's Stephanie Brown not Barbara Gordon.
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  19. GreatRa0
    I realize that but I'm talking about the costume, not the person.
  20. Mulder
    Yeah but Barbara has never worn it....... It's like giving Tim Drake, Dick Grayson's Robin costume.
  21. Ratchet-Fabulous
    Heh I'm not humiliated. I've been used to being wrong on factual things.

    Just like how you were right Raven was going to be released as DLC. I just don't give a fuck if I'm wrong.

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  22. Gengar
    all sorts of spiderman up in this trailer.
  23. cpmd4
    Her super is pretty awesome, though I'm not interested in her teleporting shenanigans.

    And is it just me or does her voice sound really young compared to Arkham Asylum? I know it's the same VA (she also does Ashley in ME), just sounds like she's 14.
  24. Jayroc
    Still hate her. Teleport was easily dashed for full punish just like doom. No big deal

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