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Your favorite Kustom Variations


Fuck yeah !!
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Shoulder Charge
Low Gunshot
Air bullet barrage

The addition of the shoulder charge gives her more options for combos and honestly I call this my MKX Cassie variation as it’s a mix of Hollywood and Brawler. It also gives her more damage in the corner.
totally agreed .... this combination of these 3 special moves for Cassie Cage is truly a top class high level ! I'm playing Cassie on kasual with this exactly moveset, and indeed, is very powerful and good as hell ! if one day , NRS release kustom for competitive modes, this specific combination for Cassie, is top 3 tier , no doubt ! :)


Skarlet: parry, teleport, boiling point/Syphon

Jade: airrang, delias dance, extra strings

Shang: Shake, Slide, Lift or Shake, Slide, improves Corpse

Cassie: Bubble, Ricochet, Shoulder/Flying Kick
Liu Kang - Nunchaku Stance and Low Fireball. The Nunchaku Stance lets him cancel into an overhead attack against people who always crouch and the low fireball is the low fireball.

Kitana - Air down fans, low fan, up fans. Turns her into one of the best zoners in the game. Like what playing Jade would be like if Jade could do damage up close.

Kitana - Half Blood stance, low fan. Adding the low fan as a mix up tool nicely compliments the pressure game the Half Blood stance gives her.


With Kano I been using Optic Blast, Vegemighty, and Mandhandled. I'm not so good at the command throw or using snake bite as of yet.

It's really annoying I can't use those abilities together in ranked.