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Why was MK9 Loved? NRS History on its Origins


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Hey, everyone. New video from series is back but this time it's about MK9 and some history leading up to it's release. Unfortunately many of the sites mentioned in the video no longer exist. Which is a shame since there were so many hilarious threads and theater-worthy moments that I would of loved to link to. Anyway, enjoy the video and I'm sure some of you 3D heads here may appreciate the trip down memory lane. (if any of you are still around reoLUL)

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This was so nice to watch, the MKO call back, STB being a big part of my time and how inspiring MK9 was at the time. It's also amazing to see which clans survived up to this point despite the weakening of clan culture as a whole. A very timely video that is a nice primer as we head into MK11.


@REO if by Jtf you mean Jtf Kobra (his mko username), then that dude had some serious mental problems.

Anyway no one knows what broken really means unless they've played against MKD Dairou & Bo rai cho :D


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MK9 Complete Edition is only $3.69 at https://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/mortal-kombat-komplete-edition-pc-steam-cd-key. I hate using those sites, but it's tough to beat that price. They're legit, too. I used them to pick up Injustice 2 for PC. Anyway, if anyone ever wants to play some MK9 on PC, please hit me up.
To add to this, check out the MK9 Discord, as they also house links for the MK9TE mod that comes with a netplay mod to improve on the online play.

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Mk9 means a lot to me. It’s what got me into fighting games. I loved MKT as a kid and with MK9 being basically being MKT redone, I was instantly hooked. I really hope one day the game gets an official HD make over.


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To sum it up, they went back to their roots that made MK great in the first place and great again!

I would love to see MK 9 remastered and re-released for every console currently, fixing/tweaking a few things of course and with improved netplay. I think it would get hot again bigtime.

I just realized I think there were more 3D MK Klans than MLB and NFL have teams lol. Another oldschool site I remember during MKO-TYM timeline was Klassicmk.com (I think if I'm not mistaken) or classicmk.com It was just for the older games. Brings me back.
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That site was great. Just shit talking all the better player and cherry pick the matches he posted. Didn't he start finding people on face book and made video of them.

Lol at all the custom rule that were made and still had to deal with characters not syncing up on both player screen.


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Why did people love MK9 so much? People though way back in 2009 that MK was dead as a franchise, when Midway declared bankruptcy.
So the new instalment in 2011 came and combined a franchise people loved, the return to 2D, the story mode (retelling the most memorable of MK lore), and had an amazing roster.
People were ready to welcome and embrace this iteration, we covered up the flaws with the mantle of love.


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amazing video. ive been vocal about how much i loved mk9 and how disappointed i was with mkx but hey mk11 is coming and i think this one is gonna be the one that bring us all together. peace


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Mortal Kombat (9) is a love letter to the fanbase! Focusing on the beginning of the franchise, but with a twist. It was a great way to tell everyone that Ed Boon and the MK team, now as Netherrealm Studios, was given a fresh new start and opportunities, but wanted to still work on Mortal Kombat as a franchise.

They took the franchise into the modern era by taking the things that made MK good to begin with and spruced it up with some new things! However, though they went back to the 2D platform (which they were highly praised for) and focused on the characters/story of the original games, Mortal Kombat had a re-imagined identity which is evolving for each game.

I see it like this... The 2D era was MK's childhood, the good old days where the franchise was fresh and new and slowly growing into its shoes. Then came the 3D era which was kinda that awkward teen phase where it tried to fit in with the "cool kids" (the other 3D fighters) and kinda struggled with its identity. And with the modern era, it is now fully grown as an adult, though still young, where it is more comfortable with itself and kinda knows what it is about.

Which fits well with Mortal Kombat 11 coming out as the franchise is turning 27 years this year! This is a franchise I've grown up with and I've loved through the good, the bad... and the outright ugly...


... So anyways...
Reo, awesome video! It's good to take a look back sometimes so we can see how we've grown, both we as people and fans, but the franchise itself as well. And it also gives newer fans who wasn't here from the beginning some insight to what the franchise has gone through to get where it is today. ^^
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