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Question Why was Kabal so good?


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I always see jokes about how broken Kabal was, but I've never seen an actual reason as to why he was broken. Can I get an in-depth explanation? Or better yet, is there a video showcasing everything he can do?


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Just watch REO in MK9.

Kabal completely dictates the pace of every match except like Kenshi. The Nomad Dash cancel pressure was absurd, he had incredible zoning with instant air gas blast and the low saw, he had a restand so that people couldnt wake up, and he still had solid damage and corner carry to top it off. but most matches were really just kabal running away shooting hella fireballs while people slowly try to walk in, and then once youre in the crazy NDC pressure starts.

it was pretty bad. MKX has top tier characters, but nothing compared to the how much better kabal was then pretty much every one else
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32 ndc was like +2 or 3? cant remember but he was waiting for reo to poke so djt cant cp for full combo


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He has an instant full screen armour launcher that he could cancel out of in a game where not people are armour launchers


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He had a block infinite
He might as well be in practice mode with super meter set to "infinite"
Imagine DF Liu Kang with unlimited stamina
(At least) Top 2 zoning in the game
Imagine Bone Shaper's scoop, but faster, and goes full screen, and cancellable
Had a "flash parry"

Oh and his combos had a restand ofc, so he doesn't give a shit about wakeups.

Welp I forgot 50/50s as well.

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It's a massive guessing game on when to get out with there being practically no risk to Kabal. Even if there is a part in his pressure where you CAN poke out, Kabal can also block your poke then full combo punish it for more than quarter of your health into a standing reset and the exact same pressure. The reward/risk was always in Kabals favour. His meter gain was MENTAL. Do a few IAGB's, do a like four or five 2~NDC's and you've got like 1.5 bars back or something stupid like that. He has an answer for everything. Great zoning, counter zoning and rushdown.

RIP pokes @ SCR 2013:

6-4 Kabal. Everywhere.
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nomad dash cancels and IAGB

These two things combined with many other things made him the insanely good.


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I never understood after watching reo play kabal why he doesnt play with liu kang dragon fire. I feel like he could murderrr with him, that or cassie.