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General/Other - Pyromancer Why Tanya has potential BEST zoning in new Meta of the game.


There it is...
Its not a fact, its just your opinion. The game can't have random recovery because its computer code. If something is inconsistent it has to do with connections or maybe the spacing of the moves in the game. Making excuses and blaming online for your mistakes won't help you get any better.
Tbf. Spacing can cause different block advantage which you cannot account for. Not random but still u could be beat out because a -5 move becomes -3 etc.

Pretty sure in the last patch bo rai chos db1 got a change which specifically said fixed random frame adv bug.

The game has 3d hitboxes and random weird shit so its not so much random as cannot be replicated in the exact same conditions but cannot be humanly accounted for.

anyways. Not relevent to anything lol.
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@Skedar70 to be fair there is a difference with online and offline. 2 frames of added delay (was 3 but they took another one off in the patch after XL I believe) plus you can't account for random connection issues between servers or an individuals connection or some people just don't connect well together for whatever reason.

But at the same time @ragnar0kz28 i think you might be exaggerating just a little lol. When the connection is good I don't believe the difference is THAT obvious. Practicing and doing something in actual match is quite different. Also you said you were playing on a tv? Typically tv's have a bad response time compared to a monitor. Literally I got a monitor a month ago and I tried playing on a tv last night. Nope. Fuck that lol.

But to bring things full circle, I'm sure if the connection is good and you keep working on your punishes in actual matches, you'll get it down. Also it would help if you put your practice mode to simulate online delay (unless you typically play offline then that's up to you).

Haha. It was fucking poetry to see you land this one after all the unwarranted hate you got in this topic for sharing your supposedly absurd and unfounded opinions.

One of the problems with this forum is that it's so much of an echo chamber where people parrot whatever opinion they deem popular at the moment, while pretending they really know what they're talking about.

I've experienced similar things myself. Sharing facts or my perspective on matchups to have people attack me for it, after which popular opinion or even undeniable facts confirm what I said all along. But you don't see anyone (or many, at least) apologizing for their ignorant ways in retrospect.

Well done, man. Well done.
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Damn a whole year passed that quick?

Worst ass beating I’ve ever got in MKX lol
It was an amazing set tho and you did your best. That set showed me the light, That Kitana might not be that invincible tip top tier nightmare, that there is a character that can out zone and pressure her.

Good luck to anybody practicing to play Tanya on Revet's lvl tho, That character ain't easy.