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Why do you main/play Mileena?


I generally like her + I find her fun to play as in MK2011, her combos look cool. Gameplay aside, she was at her best in Deception/Armageddon imo: fantastic primary costume, cool win pose and a much more subtle "psycho-bitch" personality.
can I please make a long list of reasons why I like her so much?
1) she's annoying as hell
I started playing MK9 as Kitana cause I used to mash buttons with her as a child in MKT - and those freaking Mileenas in easy level arcade ladders made me mad. Mil seemed uncatchable and I hated when the whole screen would just go pink -__- But then I realized what I did wrong and now others have troubles with Mileena, not me :p well I try to make it so
2) she's wild like an animal - a cat!
she has catty yellow eyes, she jumps like a cat on a prey to chew off its neck, she growls during the fight and even hisses when tags out (I wonder if she ever purrs). Mileena is in fact cute, people just dont see it usually
3) she's evil and sexy, yes even without the mask
I know she's a monster and is supposed to be ugly but I always liked antiheros, outcasts, weirdos and freaks :)
4) her theme song is really cool, it makes me want to kill someone but not in a good way, in a psycho-way xD hey dope
5) she's obviously a crazy bitch
but forbids anyone else to be, and is nice enought to ask if opponent enjoyed everything
They made a great character, awesome little talks, and the voice acting is so cool (except when it gets too screechy-high), although I would change her costumes and mouth - her teeth should be beastly, not ugly. How does she even talk without lips??
I also think the best actress to portray Mileena would be Asia Argento, they have the same kind of charm, dont you think? and this

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I play Mileena because forward forward 3 is a lot fucking easier to input than up down forward 4 when punishing the opponent's fireball on reaction (seriously god damn it Sektor...).


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There are many reasons I use Mileena, in game terms I love her style, its all about speed and confusing people. When it comes to others she has an interesting storyline and she seems to always struggle on finding her place within the MK world, sort of how I have been most my life always trying to find where my place lies. Also I'm a big fan of Warhammer 40K's Chaos Slaanesh faction and well Mileena reminds me of Slaanesh quite a bit, Slaanesh is the Chaos god of excess, lust, and hedonism and is often depicted with demons that are alluring and yet grotesque, which trully screams Mileena.


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I'm hella late, but the reason why I play her is 1. As a fighter, I enjoy ninjas. 2. I like using her sai's or daggers 3. Her play-style in general is very unique to me. Using her teleports & her rolling ball into a juggle combo along with the daggers is just amazing. Like Khaotik (sup dude? lol XD), I also enjoy Kitana (as well as other ninjas & Liu Kang) and when I 1st started playing MK, these were like the next female fighters I began playing with.
When I picked up the game I was playing the snot out of Scorpion who's been my franchise favourite since Mortal Kombat (1992) back in arcades. I was looking for a secondary character to use and started tinkering with Mileena, who was the best character in my previous franchise favourite game, Mortal Kombat II.

Suring the summer of 2011 I picked up Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and spent around 225 matches over Xbox LIVE as Scorpion, and while I had fun, I decided I wanted to main someone else for Mortal Kombat (2011). Since I had already been tinkering with Mileena I watched some YouTube vid's with her and really saw how aggressive and offensive her play style is, which really suited me.

I've been playing as her solid for two years now, mainly over Xbox LIVE with some buddies and on my Vita.

Props to Jer for helping me improve my game by going over some great combos with her a few months back.
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Damn late as well, but I love a character that has something different. I love how she plays the role of beauty and beast and psychopaths are just a thing I like a lot. Her gameplay is a hell of a lot of fun and she sure as hell is entertaining to use and not as braindead as many characters are. You can play scrubby with her for a little bit, but after that you get blown up hard which is what I enjoy. I can't stand playing handicapped *cough* d1~cutter, d4~cartwheel *cough* and like to legitimately work for my wins, hence why I still stick with Jade and Sindel as well. Mileena doesn't suck from what I can tell. "Slow" normals, yeah in comparison, but honestly are you really wired to react instantly to any movement? If so, you sure as hell will be eating any move then that comes out. She's very gimmicky but that's what makes her so much fun and good imo. She's the type of character where the mental aspect in fighting really kicks in and I love it, on top of her craziness that suits it so beautifully. I just wish they would have given her armor and a slight damage boost for the work she has to do to get shit done


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I like pink, sais, and femme fatales. I've played her since MK2 and I'll never stop using her.