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Who's that one impossible guest character you want in this game?


Fujin and Ermac for MK 11
And here is his other fatality:
I've always thought Marvel would've been a much better partner than DC for a game company like this given how many brutalities you see on their pages.
Oh trust me lol, DC is just as gory if not more actually than Marvel. MK could very well mingle with DC. Not saying Marvel can't be at times but it's usually their Parental Advisory or Max books. With DC they've done it with their mainstream books(as well as adult and Vertigo lines)
This was from Justice League 3000, this chick literally can alter reality and ripped Flash inside out exploding him as you can see very MK lol

WW breaking Maxwell Lord's neck.

Dr. Pyg, is just a messed up character...he's essentially leatherface with a brain.

Superman killing WW by strangling her and breaking her neck

From Injustice, Sinestro ripping off Kyle Rayner's finger then literally has his lanterns rip Kyle apart literally from each limb.

Kyle Rayner coming home to find his GF either in pieces or literally broken enough to be stuffed inside his fridge...by Major Force.

Joker cuts off his own face and wears it upside down while singing...

At any rate you get the point I'm sure lol. Marvel tends to be grim here and there with certain books, certainly nothing much lately. DC on the other hand just pick up a Batman book or a GL book and messed up shit happens daily lol.


Fujin and Ermac for MK 11
Anyway, I'd like to add this just released today. If they can put in Freddy, Leatherface, Jason and have a Bug literally quarter size of a character fight in MK. Why not this guy?



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Lich King would actually be a seriouly out there and hype as fuck announcement, all over every gaming new site, youtube videos for weeks from ebvey tuber and mass notice from non fighting game players... it is probably the best guest idea in this thread imo.

That lame horde genocidel elf can fuck a fruit bat though : )
In addition to my Dante idea, I have my variation ideas for him: Rebellion, Gunslinger and Bare Fists, or something along those lines.


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Considering NRS did an Alien vs Predator pack, and we're getting a new Robocop movie and a new Terminator movie this year, I wouldn't be shocked if they released a Robocop vs Terminator pack. Both are super violent, gory, well-known franchises that would fit right in as MK guest characters.
This may be the biggest prediction that I have ever seen in the FGC that actually came true ever...before they were actually announced I don’t think anyone would have thought any one of them would have been in MK maybe Terminator because he’s also in Gears 5 & I think Fortnite but OG RoboCop? No.

If this was the Middle Ages, I would have ran through the streets swearing you were a warlock or some kind of mystical seer so you’d get burned at the stake.
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Since I’ve been playing HELL out of Elden Ring, actually had a thought while playing that a cool guest character for an MK game would be a boss from one of these games or even an NPC, or both!

Also have always wanted Riddick in an NRS game. So that’s my other choice. But I have a bunch of characters that I’d love as guest characters.


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Julie from Heavy Metal 2000 & PC game Heavy Metal 2000 F.A.K.K.2

For starters, she was voiced & based off Julie Strain who died last year & with NRS toning down the sexiness in their games, she would literally be impossible to be put in a MK game.



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@Revy The South Park Heavy Metal episode was great.
It was. It’s one of my favourites. I loved that they actually got the Sammy Hagar & Don Felder songs from the Heavy Metal 1981 soundtrack.

I think Taarna from Heavy Metal 1981 would have been a good guest character for an MK game because she’s a mute but her backstory is interesting & she’s pretty badass. I heard the new Taarna comics are pretty awesome & she has more appropriate outfits now along with her traditional one.



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Hurk Drubman Jr. & Sharky Boshaw
From Far Cry


It would be the redneck version of Noob-Smoke.

Hurk being a large hurtbox zoner with an RPG, grenades, monkeys with explosive vests (running gag from Far Cry they take off the vest) & a Colt 1911. His normals would be like made up Karate moves from movies.

Sharky being a medium hurtbox rushdown trap character that does DoT with Sektor’s wrist mounted flamethrower, fire grenades, a Remington 870 shotgun with Dragon’s Breath incendiary shells, fire traps & rancid piss grenades. Can set down a boom box playing disco music that makes him do extra DoT so he can send people to Disco Heaven.

Their intros & ladder ending would be amazing.