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Who should be featured in a love triangle story for MK12?


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Jade, Kotal & Smoke then I want Smoke to win.

Pre-MK11 there is a lot of Jade & Smoke romantic fanart some even pre-dating MK9 all because they were partners in the 90s MK comics when in MK9, they just fight over a misunderstanding. Look it up on Google Images.


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Would Romeo and Juliet actually be considered a love triangle? I think Twelfth Night would be the better example.


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Human Smoke, Ermac, Scorpion

Scorpion gets mad at Ermac because he got caught cheating on him with Smoke, but Ermac’s defense was that it was just one of his “souls” and not really him. Scorpion gets furious and tries to kill Smoke, but Smoke teleports away. Scorpion teleports after him, and Ermac teleports after both of them. And it’s an endless string of them teleporting and they live miserably ever after