Who do you main in SCV?

Discussion in 'Soul Calibur' started by Gesture Required Ahead, Apr 12, 2012.

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    It's a good game. Ranged characters are very good imo, because of the way movement works in this game. A Nightmare player has won almost every major so far. Good players know how to see through the Natsu and Leixia gimmicks and keep them out. Cervantes still counts as a ranged characetr because of his IGDR's, and he's really good too.
  2. Twenty bucks says this combo doesn't really work. SC doesn't have all-or-nothing combo registry like MK9, or most other fighters. A "true" combo only works if your opponent can't use air control or ukemi to escape it at any point. The point of this is to allow for situational combos that take advantage of terrain, or to create potential resets via tech traps. If you just go into practice and wail on a practice dummy who isn't set up right, anyone can do 120 damage, which is exactly half health.

    Regardless, I main Nightmare, sub Cervantes and Pat, with Pyrrha Omega in the pocket. Nightmare is the only character I've played in tournament, though.
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    i use astaroth and algol
  4. Okay, I REALLY need to get this off my chest, because it's starting to piss me off.

    Allow me to recap: There have been at least two Japanese majors so far, that I know of. There was Impact Clash in London. There was WCG in France. You also have Winter Brawl, NorCal Regionals, Final Round and MLG Columbus, all within America. Between those, OmegaDR won Final Round with Nightmare, and Keev won both WCG and MLG with Nightmare. Take note: Two of those wins were the SAME guy. What no one seems to realize is that Keev was winning with Nightmare in SC4 when he was bottom tier. Nightmare was TERRIBLE in that game, and Keev was still one of the best players in France simply because he's just that damn good. Similarly, OmegaDR mained Zasalamel in SC4, and he was even worse; he was widely regarded as being bottom five. People cry and bitch and moan about how OP Nightmare is, and yet, it's only these two players that are actually placing with him, both of whom placed consistently even with low tier characters.

    Following this, OmegaDR went on to win the invitational in Vegas, which... Was comprised of eight players who qualified by winning the above tournaments. Both Keev and OmegaDR qualified, obviously. Between these eight, there were two Nightmare players, as well as two Mitsurugi players. Both of those characters were TWICE as likely to win the tournament, so I don't see why anyone is surprised that a Nightmare won it. So, between all four of Nightmare's major tournament victories, only two players have won with him, or even made top eight. So, to recap... Two Nightmare players have two wins apiece, for a total of four majors, out of nine. This misconception that Nightmare has won "almost every major" is ri-goddamn-diculous.
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    You are forgetting NoFacekiller, who also uses Nightmare a lot and won with him at NCR. I'm not bitching about him, I was just stating my opinion that I think range beats close up with two equally skilled players. He does have a lot going for him.
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    Oops, didnt know that Altaire. Thanks.
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    Just a heads-up, Ezio is TERRIBLE. But I still stick with him because I live by the creed.
  8. OZombiePenguinO

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    Mitsurugi and Patroklos. Though I'd like to use Tira and Alpha Pat, there are too many obstacles.
  9. Natsu and Ivy
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    I would say that Nightmare is the best character currently, Mitsu is likely the 2nd best current character. I do think other characters are certainly viable, Cervantes for instance is just too good on paper. I understand people being angry with the idiotic adjustments though - IE Tira. That nerf to Jolly (which sucked to begin with) and the inability to have a guaranteed means to get into Gloomy has really made me scratch my head. Tira was probably around mid tier, while she was good with meter, she was no means dominant and was sure as hell meter reliant. I just don't understand why Nightmare and Mitsu were pretty much left as...then again NRS nerfed Jade. The proposed means of 'balance' these days are just comical.


    Developers, man. I want what they're smoking. Also, I can haz SC4 Voldo?! :)
  11. Noface uses a ton of different characters, and memory serving, he used several at NCR as well. He tried using him at the invitational and got blown up, so I think that proves my point that it's the players, not the character.

    You are sorely mistaken if you think keepaway beats rushdown in any Soul Calibur. It IS possible to win by playing keepaway, but rushdown has always been the dominant strategy. X and the sisters have always dominated the game, as far back as SC2. This was true even when step guard was an option, which is something that spacing characters thrive on, and SC5 is the first game where it is 100% completely absent. There is NO known exploit to trigger step guard right now, which makes advancing pokes stronger and back steps weaker. Look at the characters who are perceived to be top tier right now (Nightmare, Mitsu, Leixia, Pat, Alpha Pat, Astaroth, Pyrrha, Natsu, Pyrrha Omega) and tell me there are more spacing characters than rushdown characters.

    I play a character who is 100% pure spacing, and two more who are 100% pure offense. I can assure you that offense is the stronger trade.
  12. Then you're dead wrong, as per the usual.
  13. GNG Iniquity

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    Key word, currently. Game's still relatively new. As you've stated yourself as of now people generally feel that Nightmare, Mitsu, Leixia, Pat, Alpha Pat, Astaroth, Pyrrha, Natsu, Pyrrha Omega are the solid characters. It'll take some time for the other characters to be really explored but these 9 characters all come off as being very strong. I'm not trying to argue, I'm really not, I'm just simply stating that the only exceptions I've seen currently in a TO outside of these 9 is Z.W.E.I. and Siegfried. The Tira player dropped her (obviously, cannot blame him at all), Maxi hasn't had a lot of exposure (may change in the future, we'll see), nor has Cervantes had a lot of exposure (this will change in due time).

    I don't know why you take offense to "Hurpa durp, Nightmare is good!" he is. I main Mitsu at the moment and I'm not going to deny that he's good. Sub Astaroth as well and I can't deny that his damage output is nasty good. I mean, this is still 9+ clearly viable characters though already, which is pretty good imo. I clearly notice a difference when I play Voldo; despite how much I like the character I have to work a lot harder.

    I'm just saying, I don't understand why you need to turn a tier placement discussion into an argument, game's still relatively new but unless tech is found for the other characters which aren't being played as prevalently then I wouldn't put them in that all powerful 9, yet. I do think that SCV is pretty match up heavy though...so I do think that some of the perceived lower tier characters may do well against some of the higher tier placement characters as in MK but we'll see.
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    Please stay on topic guys. Post your mains or take it to another thread.

    PS: I hate on-screen keyboard I need a new keyboard.
  15. I main Nerfedsu. :( (Natsu)
  16. Gesture Required Ahead

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    Not something to cry about.Let's hope she doesn't get Subzero'd.
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    Of course a lot of it will come down to player/character synergy. I disagree with several things you stated, but I'll try to stay mostly on task and say that i main Cervantes, Nightmare, and I'd like to pick up someone like Aeon or Voldo, I used Natsu for a little while, but people have gotten more keen on her movement, and possession/hover mixups and can counter them more easily now. She's still good, just not my style in this game.
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    I main armourking
  20. Temjiin

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    I saw you in the Voldo thread in 8WR. Still playing him?
  21. DuskAlloy

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    So you have a fetish for flamboyant men with heart symbols across their bodies?
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    Viola. I'm just a button masher for that game but it's fun and pretty.
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    I still play on XBL and PSN, add me up for games!

    Main Voldo and Aeon but can hold my own with Maxi, Ezio and ZWEI.
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    Ahh, Soul Calibur. The last game I qualified for nationals for. I always mained Cervantes. Shame SC5 died so quick it was a great game

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