Sep 3, 2011
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Sacramento, CA

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    1. Krayzie

      And done, your name is now, "VOR."
    2. Krayzie
    3. Krayzie
      That's awesome man. See you at SCR!
    4. Krayzie
      Keep it up man. Keep the scene strong.
    5. EduardimusPrime
      Where abouts in the bay do you live? I live in sacramento. If you have casuals, I'd be down to make the drive. My place isn't big by any means, but it's not small either. I can fit about 6 people comfortably. The most I've had in the house is about 20 (not for casuals... just in general)... gets kinda cramped at that point.
    6. PANDA
      where da vids at?
    7. Jack Burton
      Jack Burton
      Thanks for inviting me! It was a lot of fun :)
    8. lespaulphoenix
      Got it. I'll P.M. you my number and we'll talk more about offline games.
    9. lespaulphoenix
      yeah. i'm in Cali. Why you ask? interested in offline matches or something?
    10. Jack Burton
      Jack Burton
      That sounds great. As long as the place is close to or in San Francisco. It's definitely true that playing with someone will get you better, especially with all the good info out there on places like Testyourmight. Let me know when you find a place! What do you think of the new balance changes?
    11. Jack Burton
      Jack Burton
      Hey, how's it going? So you guys had a good session, huh? I would like to get more games with you guys again, soon. SNKE and I were talking about trying to get something more permanent going. Let me know what you think! Keep in touch!
    12. Krayzie
      Honestly, I wont know until it comes out on PS3.

      I hope its not a big change.
    13. Jack Burton
      Jack Burton
      Yo, you asked earlier when the tournament started and all that. I got a last minute update and wanted to make sure you saw it before tomorrow. Here is the post I made about when everything starts. See you there!

      Sorry guys, but here is a last minute update...

      Registration will be from 12pm to 3pm. The official start time of the MK tournament will be at 3pm, sharp. MK9 will be streamed after KOF, so if you absolutely cannot make it, watch it on the iPlaywinner stream. Half of the MK tournament should make it to the stream. Let other MK9 fans know about the stream and support the scene!

      Last but not least, an additional rule: no use of turbo functions in the tournament. But we know you wouldn't use that, would you?
    14. Krayzie
      Yeah man, just trying to support the scene.

      Good luck with Ermac.
    15. Jack Burton
      Jack Burton
      Welcome to the the Porkchop Express, aka the Testyourmight crew. Glad you joined!
      I'm from Norcal.
    16. Krayzie
      Sup man, welcome to TYM.

      I'm from SoCal.
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