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Which Kano's tourney legal loadouts do you want/think we're going to get at some point after EVO?


Beers, grabs & dropped combos
Bio-Pull and Bio-Trap were designed to complement Kano's knife game with Knife Toss and Snake Bite.

Bio-Trap makes knives mid or low and adds DoT.
Bio-Pull adds knife callback and additional damage for every knife pulled out.

It's like they added eye laser at the end and forgot to make it effective for the other moves.
Bio-trap + knifes DoT and mid projectiles make a lot of sense. On the other hand, Bio-pull + knifes extra damage and callback seem plainly useless to me. Yeah, I know that it seems that the devs had something in mind about this combination, but the possible setups are barely doable and completely inefficient in actual matches, imo.


Yeah, I agree.

If they make Bio-Trap be able to blow up for damage at the cost of bar like Hunter Predator, the combo with Snake Bite would be more fun than it already is.

And make Manhandled a base move, for Grodd's sake.


I have not used eye laser as I dont play customs much but I'm thing eye laser vege and man handled, would be a fun zoning but mainly anti zoning with good punishes. Dont have lumbar for combo ender but when verge is up it does fine plus your opponent will think twice before throw projectile or letting go of block. I would say his parry would be cool instead of man handled but damage not good enough. Laser vege and 3rd one could be a few things but I like the idea of having a punish worth a damn.