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Which 5 other characters would you like to see as DLC?

Alf in BDSM
Johnathon Talyer Thomas
Betty White (every variation is a different Golden Girl)
The human centipede from the 1st movie
4th dimensional Matthew MacConaghey (murph!)


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good question ! but NRS still has room for a lot of guests in the following years to come for new MK games to be released in the future .....

Xena, Buffy, Beatrix Kiddo, Pinhead, Blade, Elen Ripley, Michael Myers, and Ash Williams (if they end up being not in MK11 after all), Candyman, Pennywise, Snake Plissken, Bloodrayne, etc

and from DC universe, Harley Queen, Cheetah, Deathstroke, etc

or whatever the fans want and demand for, after all, from time to time, Ed Boon just does that classic character choice poll in his Twitter, to check out what crazy stuff fans need in the next future MK games, hehe

NRS, Ed, and WB can only be limited by their imagination, so, the sky is the limit!
You know what, just bring me, Hsu Hao, I want to see if NRS have the balls put hearths Mongolian on another game, the came with a bull argument to put Mileena and Reptile out of the game the have time to re-think the concept of the character in further future, etc, etc, such a crap. I think they have a lot of time to bring new ideas for such a character. I DARE YOU NRS, I DOUBLE DARE YOU!!!


I know that might be a very unpopular opinion, but I would love it if one slot in a KP was reserved for a comic relief type character that in no way fits the MK universe, like Mr. Bean or inspector Gadget. Just think for a moment how fun would inspector Gadget be with all his gadgetry and how creative could Boon be when designing his moves and fatalities
Provided the leak is real, 5 slots would remain to 'finish the roster' and though this hasn't been validated in any way, which 5 character would you like to see complete the game?
  1. Human Smoke
  2. Cyrax
  3. Sektor
  4. Sareena
  5. Buffy (had to throw a guest in there we know the drill)
i know it wouldn’t be these 5 but if I was Ed boon I’d go
  1. Human/enenra smoke
  2. Sektor
  3. Havik
  4. Chameleon/Hydro/any “new” already existing character
  5. Death stroke as guest
It won't happen but,
  1. Tremor
  2. Human Smoke
  3. Reptile
  4. Ermac
  5. I'm down with either Buffy or Xena
Would be kinda weird to see Buffy get torn in half, but let's face it she was getting pretty annoying by the last season.


With all of these horror icons coming to MK, I can see they picking up some killer of Dead by Daylight and making it a guest dlc lol



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Literally just Human Smoke. Unless other new characters are super pog, I don’t see me picking the game back up unless my boy is released.


  1. smoke- we can all agree that hes in everyones list. he'll be in, i'd book it
  2. sektor/ cyrax- either or, gotta have one of the cyborgs. no one would be pissed.
  3. ashrah- a demon chick... should be all you need to have a cool character.
  4. kenshi- hes always had awesome animations. i mean a blind telekenetic swordsman?.....freakin sweet
  5. xena warrior princess- i concur with most of the posters above. for a guest, this would be my choice